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21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant Program
(Federally funded through NCLB Title IVB - Fund Code 647)

Additional Information For Recipients Of The FY13 Fund Code 647-B1 21st CCLC Out-Of-School Time Grant that also Apply For The FY 14 21st CCLC- ELT Grant Opportunity

This document provides information for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 (FY13) 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) New Site Grantees funded for out-of-school time (OST) programs (through Fund Code 647-B1) that also apply for an FY14 21st CCLC-Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Grant for the same funded school site(s). Additional details are available regarding the eligibility-related note (#3) included in the FY14 21st CCLC-ELT RFP's Eligibility section. As noted in the FY14 21st CCLC-ELT RFP's Eligibility Section:

For schools that currently have a 21st CCLC grant-supported out-of-school time (OST) program and anticipate continuation funding for that school site in FY14:

Any school that is also awarded the FY14 21st CCLC-ELT competitive grant will need to submit a revised OST program schedule that continues to reflect the 21st CCLC requirements for OST programming (a minimum of 448 non-school day hours for targeted students), and will need to continue to meet all other requirements of the OST grant award.

For FY13 21st CCLC New Site Grantees only, that were competitively awarded after the Department received approval on its requested ESEA flexibility:

The Department is exploring the possibility of allowing a portion of the FY13 Fund Code 647-B1 grantee's continuation funds (in FY14-FY15) to be used towards 21st CCLC-ELT activities, for school sites that are also competitively awarded the FY14 21st CCLC-ELT grant.

Additional Details

For any FY13 21st CCLC New Site Grantee (Fund Code 647-B1) that is also competitively awarded an FY14 21st CCLC-ELT Grant for the same school site:

  • During 21st CCLC (OST) continuation grant years (FY14 and FY15), these sites will be allowed to request to use a portion of those continuation grant funds in support of 21st CCLC-ELT grant purposes.
  • The Department will require the grantee to continue to support 21st CCLC-OST services consistent with the purpose and terms that were competitively approved, but would consider proposed changes (reductions) in schedules, hours, and number of students to be served, to support revised needs of students and families in the district as a result of ELT. In order to ensure that OST student and family needs are still met, and the original grant purpose is still supported, the Department plans to require the following parameters:
    • A maximum of up to 40 percent of OST grant funds may be used for ELT grant purposes;
    • Grantees will be required to provide OST services during the school year and summer (as required in the originally awarded grant);
    • Grantees will be required to provide OST services for a minimum of 224 hours per year (one-half of the traditional 21st CCLC-OST requirement of 448 hours);
    • Grantees must continue serve at least 40 students (the minimum sample size for the Department's 21st CCLC grant evaluation system); and
    • Proposed reductions to the expected annual average hours of participation per student will be considered on a case by case basis.

Last Updated: May 2, 2013
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