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Adult and Community Learning Services (ACLS)

Measurable Skills Gain (MSG)

The state MSG performance standard includes the following outcomes: Educational Functioning Level (EFL) completion, High School Equivalency (HSE) credential attainment, and Postsecondary Education or Training (PSE/T) enrollment after a student's exit from a program.

In FY18 and annually thereafter, programs will be assigned an MSG target using a formula that incorporates (i.e., is weighted on):

  1. The number of students who pretest into each of the National Reporting System (NRS) levels that a program serves, and

  2. (Based on historical data) the degree of difficulty in achieving an MSG outcome.

Programs would be ranked based on how close they come to meeting or exceeding their MSG target, and performance will be the actual completion percent relative to the target.

Note: Programs will get one credit (i.e., 1.0) for the first MSG outcome earned; they will get partial credit (i.e., 0.1) for each additional outcome earned beyond the initial. If students in a program achieve an initial outcome and two additional outcomes, then the program's credit for that student is 1.2.

MSG outcomes - both initial and additional -- can be any of the following:

  • Educational Functioning Level (EFL) completion
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) credential attainment
  • Postsecondary Education or Training (PSE/T) enrollment after exit

Here are some examples of how credit is distributed for outcomes:

  • Two EFL completions (i.e., advancement in two NRS levels) by a student = 1.1
  • EFL completion in two subject areas (e.g., reading, math) = 1.1
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) credential attainment and two EFL completions = 1.2
  • Two EFL completions in two subject areas plus enrollment in Postsecondary Education or Training (PSE/T) after exit = 1.4

MSG Benchmarks and Targets

BenchmarksTarget Percentages
Excellent135% of Program Target or Higher
Advanced120 - 134% of Program Target
Above Target110 - 119% of Program Target
Meets Standard100 - 109% of Program Target
Needs Improvement90 - 99% of Program Target
Remedial ActionBelow 90% of Program Target

MSG Target Assigned by ACLS

Because one of the two factors in an MSG target is the number of students who pre-test into each of the program's NRS levels, targets could slightly change over the year since pre-testing will continue throughout the year. ACLS will assign programs their ABE and ESOL targets in October of each year. In future years, targets will be listed in the Cognos Summary Report for each program at the "project" level.

MSG Target Tool

Download Excel Document
MSG Target Tool

For each level, enter in the number of students.

Entering Education LevelState PercentStudents
ESL Beginning Literacy (SPL 0 - 1)51% 
Low Beginning ESL (SPL 2)67% 
High Beginning ESL (SPL 3)59% 
Low Intermediate ESL (SPL 4)54% 
High Intermediate ESL (SPL 5)45% 
Advanced ESL (SPL 6)28% 
ABE Beginning Literacy (GLE 0 - 1.9)32% 
Beginning ABE (GLE 2 - 3.9)40% 
Low Intermediate ABE (GLE 4 - 5.9)40% 
High Intermediate ABE (GLE 6 - 8.9)37% 
Low ASE (GLE 9 - 10.9)40% 
High ASE (GLE 11 - 12.9)48% 
Program Target  

State Percents are based on FY12-FY16 data. Best score on assessment counted toward EFL completion. All assessments (primary and non-primary considered). Earliest primary assessment assigned used to determine entering education level.

The percents in the State Percent column will change each year since they are based on the state's most recent five years of data.

MSG Reference Period

EFL: during the fiscal year
HSE: by December 31 following the end of the fiscal year
PSE/T: FY exiters who enter after exit date and by December 31

Download Excel Document
FY2018 MSG Program Targets

FY2017 MSG Program Performance

The Excel document, FY17 MSG Performance, has seven columns:

  1. (A) Program name
  2. (B) Number of Students Served
  3. (C) Final FY17 targets for each program
  4. (D) - (F) Number of outcomes
  5. (G) Combined full and partial MSG credit
  6. (H) Actual MSG percentage, and
  7. (I) MSG Percentage relative to program target which ACLS will use to compare programs to each other and across fiscal years.

Note that the Post Secondary Enrollment and High School Equivalency outcomes can be counted if met during the program year or through December after the year that the student last attended. Post secondary enrollment can counted as an outcome only if the enrollment starts after exiting adult education. ACLS encourages programs to follow up with students regularly to capture post exit outcomes.

Download Excel Document
FY2017 MSG Performance

Last Updated: December 26, 2017
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