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FY17 Q&A from Integrated Education and Training RFP Mailbox

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Is the ABE provider partnership required to include a Chapter 74 Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) school or can the ABE provider partner with just a postsecondary education institution to offer training?
The partnership is not required to include a Chapter 74 CVTE program. The partnerships can include a CVTE program and/or postsecondary education or training provider. The partnerships must also include one or more employers.

The third bullet under "Priorities" in the RFP reads: "Leveraging existing workforce development and/or private funding to support the occupational training component of the IET program." Does this mean programs are not allowed to use grant funds to pay for the occupational training component?
No. It means priority will be given to programs that are able to leverage funds to pay for occupational training.

Is transportation an allowable expense for this RFP?
Yes, transportation is an allowable expense.

Our organization intends to submit a proposal for an ESOL Information Technology Certificate program. Which Fund Code should be used?
Fund Code 359a.

There are discrepancies between the Part III questions in the RFP distributed at the July 29th Bidders' Conference and the Part III questions in the RFP posted online. Which questions should be answered?
The Part III questions in the RFP distributed at the Bidders' Conference are the same as the ones in the RFP posted online. Readers should make sure they are viewing the June 2016 IET RFP, and not the February 2016 IET RFP.

I have been unable to access the Career Pathways Toolkit and EL Civics Online from the hyperlinks.

Can Pell Grants be used as leveraged funds?
No, Pell Grants cannot be used to leverage funds for this grant. Pell Grants are federal funds, which cannot be used as leveraged funds for this grant.

The RFP notes that not less than 80 percent of funds must be spent on "ABE direct services." Would ABE direct services be defined only as direct math and literacy instruction? Could this category also include occupational training, contextualized curriculum development, job placement, assessment and/or counseling?
ABE direct services is not limited to math and literacy instruction. It can also include occupational training (when funds cannot be leveraged), contextualized curriculum development, job placement services, assessment, and counseling, among other direct program services.

Can National Reporting System (NRS)-certified staff from one of the agency's sites administer NRS assessments at another of the agency's sites? Can an agency obtain training for any uncertified staff prior to a program starting or do all staff have to be certified in order to submit a proposal?
NRS-certified agency staff can administer NRS assessments at any of the agency's sites. An agency is not required to have all staff trained as NRS assessors in order to submit a proposal, but no staff can administer NRS assessments without training.

Item #3 on the Statement of Assurances states that "the grant recipient shall submit a copy of the sub-grant or subcontract that includes each sub-recipient to the DESE prior to receiving funds under this grant." Does a sub-grant or subcontract need to be included in the application packet or is it only to be submitted if the grant is approved?
Sub-grants or subcontracts do not need to be submitted with the application packet. They will be asked for upon approval.

What Fund Code should be used for Integrated Education and Training?
Fund Code 686 should be used.

Last Updated: August 16, 2016
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