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SMARTT Update, July, 2012

  1. Site Rollover Requests --- due by September 1st
    Don't forget to submit your site rollover request in SMARTT by September 1st indicating that all the FY12 information is updated. When you are ready to submit the site rollover request at the end of the fiscal year, no names should appear in the assessment or goals section. If names appear, you will need to check off each box remaining indicating your review of the data before you can submit the request for site rollover. The request indicates that all the information contained within this report is true and accurate and does not need to be updated or corrected. This checkbox is equivalent to the Program Coordinator's Signature.

  2. Partial Intakes are Available Now -- until Site Rollover
    The partial intake feature is again available for programs until site rollover on September 1st. The purpose of the partial intake feature is to allow programs to enter a small amount of information for newly enrolled students during the summer, in order to generate a SMARTT ID and thus allow the student to take the MAPT test. Partial intakes should not be entered for any other reason. Once site are rolled over to FY12, this feature is not available. Programs should convert these newly created partials to full intakes as soon as possible after site rollover.

  3. Quarterly Goal Follow-up
    Please make sure that you perform your quarterly follow-up with current and former students to ascertain goal achievements. This information needs to be entered in the "Follow-up" section in SMARTT. Programs need to establish follow-up protocols and assign staff to this function. Programs should reference the guidelines and sample surveys provided in the "Sample Local Follow-Up Survey for Core Measures Adapted for Massachusetts" Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document on the SMARTT section of the ACLS website.

    The following current goals listed on our goal form require follow-up at the local level:

    Students with no social security number (SSN) & those with SSN but no signed release form:

    (1a)Enter Employment/Get a Job
    (1b)Retained New Employment
    (2)Retain Current Employment

    All students even if the social security number has been indicated since data matching is not available:

    (4)Complete some adult HS credits and/or MCAS tests toward ADP
    (5)Obtain ADP
    (6a)Enter Transitional Education
    (6b)Complete Transitional Education
    (7a)Enter post - secondary education
    (7b)Retain in Post-Secondary Education
    (8a)Enter Occupational Training > 12 mo.
    (8b)Retain Occupational Training > 12 mo.
    (8c)Complete Occupational Training > 12 mo.
    (9a)Enter Occupational Training 6 - 12 mo.
    (9b)Complete Occupational Training 6 - 12 mo.
    (10a)Enter Occupational Training < 6 mo.
    (10b)Complete Occupational Training < 6 mo.

  4. Revised Intake and Goal Forms for FY13 Posted on ACLS Website
    Please download the revised intake and goal forms for FY13 which are located at ACLS SMARTT System Information webpage. There are several changes this year that were addressed in the June mailing. We took out many of the non required fields on the student intake form so the form is much shorter. We replaced the lengthy occupation list with a briefer list of the 23 major groups from the "Standard Occupational Classification" (SOC) lsit. If a student lists an occupation that you are unsure of the major group, go to Occupational Information Network (O*NET). Type the occupation in the "Occupation Quick Search" box at the top to get the major group.

    Standard Occupation Classification (SOC)

    11Management Occupations
    13Business and Financial Operations Occupations
    15Computer and Mathematical Occupations
    17Architecture and Engineering Occupations
    19Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
    21Community and Social Services Occupations
    23Legal Occupations
    25Education, Training, and Library Occupations
    27Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
    29Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
    31Healthcare Support Occupations
    33Protective Service Occupations
    35Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
    37Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
    39Personal Care and Service Occupations
    41Sales and Related Occupations
    43Office and Administrative Support Occupations
    45Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations
    47Construction and Extraction Occupations
    49Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
    51Production Occupations
    53Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
    55Military Specific Occupations

    There were changes made to the goal form. We combined the current occupation goals with monthly timeframes into one goal - "Enter Occupational Training". We deleted "retain" and "complete" occupational goals listed below that had specific timeframes:

    • Retain Occupational Training > 12mo
    • Complete Occupational Training < 6 months
    • Complete Occupational Training 6-12 months.
    • Complete Occupational Training > 12 months
  5. GED Data Matching for June - Completed on 7/2/2012
    The latest GED data match information with Oklahoma Scoring Service is listed below. Three hundred and twenty five (325) records were matched for students who attended classes in FY12. Out of this, three hundred and four (304) students set the goal which is 94%. Twenty one (21) students or 6% did not set the goal and will not be included in the Federal Report.

    Remember that currently we cannot include in the Federal Report the achievement of any goal met, if that goal was not set. If you find that a student did receive the GED and the record was not updated in SMARTT, please e-mail Ruth Derfler ( to determine what data element was incorrect so that the student's record can be corrected

Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: July 19, 2012
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