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SMARTT Update, November, 2012

  1. ADA Checklist Verification - Due December 7
    Please note the revised due date of December 7, 2012 for the ADA checklist to be submitted in SMARTT. The ADA Checklist is located under the "Project" link on the left menu, and should be completed for the fund codes listed below. Please note that the information to be entered is for FY12. The "Signature Verification" panel indicates that all the information is accurate.

    Signature Verification

    Signature Verification
    Checking this box is equivalent to the Program Coordinator's Signature.

    • The ADA information contained within this report is true and accurate and does not need to be updated or corrected.
    • The ADA checklist information is required for the following fund codes: 340, 345, 359, 285, and 563.
    • Users with agency or project level access to SMARTT can access the ADA Checklist link.
    • Programs need to click and "Project" on the left side of the menu and then click on "ADA Checklist". Each field requires programs to edit, add, and save.
    • The dates for "Date of Self Evaluation" can be any fiscal year less than FY13.
    • The dates for "ADA Coordinator Trainings Attended" and "ADA Coordinator Conducted Staff Trainings" must be in FY12 -- (7/1/2011 - 6/30/2012)
    • All fields are mandatory except "ADA Coordinator Comments" and "Involvement of Persons with Disabilities"
    • The submission date is December 7, 2012
  2. Wait List Verification - due December 1st The Waitlist Verification must be submitted annually by December 1st. The screen can be accessed by clicking on "Waitlist" and then on Waitlist Verification on the left menu. The screen lists a checkbox to verify that you have reviewed the wait list data by length of time:

    • less than 1 year
    • 1- 2 years
    • 2 - 3 years
    • more than 3 years

    The signature verification box is similar to the site rollover request indicating that the program coordinator assures that the information is accurate. When you check the box you are indicating that: "The wait list information contained within this report is true and accurate and does not need to be updated or corrected".

    The Waitlist search screen provides the capability to search students by Site, Period on Waitlist (less than 1 year, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, more than 3 years), Last Name, Status, (current, all, removed, intaken) and type (ABE or ESOL).

    Please review the Wait List policy below. The policy can also be found in the FY15 ACLS Guidelines Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document on page 43.

    Wait List Policy
    The network of ESE-funded adult education programs is a system, and its students are protected from avoidable interruptions in their learning. When students in ESE-funded programs change communities, change jobs, are released from a correctional setting, or lose access to a class for any reason, the system must provide them with the ability to transfer to another program or to a Distance Learning Instructional Hub without returning to a wait list.

    • The Department requires its ABE grant recipients to immediately enroll any student in good standing who seeks to transfer from another ESE-funded ABE program, or place this student at the top of the appropriate waiting list. This includes students from other ESE-funded ABE programs including workplace education, ABE Programs in Correctional Institutions, and students enrolled in a Distance Learning Instructional Hub.

    Active, updated, and accurate wait lists are essential for community providers to fill available seats promptly, and for the state to gauge the current demand for adult basic education.

    • The Department requires Community Adult Learning Center grant recipients to maintain an active wait list for applicants who are unable to enroll in any instructional classes due to capacity constraints.
    • Community Adult Learning Centers must keep their wait list up to date. At a minimum, all students placed on the wait list must be contacted annually to determine whether they are still interested in enrolling in the program. Any waitlist records older than 18 months should be reviewed and deleted as appropriate so that SMARTT wait list numbers are accurate.

    Wait lists that are not actively maintained, that are out-of-date or inflated, lead policymakers to question the validity of the demand, and actually do more harm than good.

    • ACLS requires Community Adult Learning Centers to submit a "Wait List Update" in SMARTT by December 1st each year, attesting that the wait list information is up to date and accurate. The program must indicate for every student on the wait list whether the student has been assessed or not. Only applicants for whom such confirmation is obtained shall remain on the wait list; all others must be removed.

    Optional assessment information may also be entered to indicate date assessed, test name, and score. If a student who is removed from the SMARTT wait list contacts the program again in the future, either the previous or new wait list date may be entered, at the discretion of the program.

  3. Update Project and Site Coordinator Names
    Please make sure that appropriate project and site coordinator names are entered in the project and site screens so that appropriate staff receive all of our ACLS announcements. If a staff member has left your program, be sure to exit the staff member so he/she will not continue to get our ESE/ACLS updates. Correct work e-mails need to be entered in the work e-mail field in the staff screen. The ACLS listservs are based on these work e-mails which are used for periodic mailings and for special announcements so please make sure that information entered is accurate.

  4. Late Data Entry Extension - November 30th
    Please note that there is an extension to enter intakes and attendance for Distance Learning, classes, and matches. Listed below is the revised data entry close out schedule:

    FY13 Monthly AttendanceMonth/Day Data Entry Closed
    July, August, SeptemberNovember 30th
    OctoberDecember 31st
    NovemberJanuary 31st
    DecemberFebruary 28th
    JanuaryMarch 31st
    FebruaryApril 30th
    MarchMay 31st
    AprilJune 30th
    MayJuly 31st
    JuneAugust 31st

  5. Agency, Project, and Site Names - Align With Grant Recipient Names
    We are still in the process of aligning agency, project, and site names in SMARTT with the grant recipient names. We hope to have this done soon. We'll add the city or town for some projects where the agency name is the same and the project is funded in different LWIB regions. Project names will include the grant recipient name as well as site specialty name if appropriate in cases where agencies have multiple grants. The ABE Directory will reflect the changes once they are completed.

  6. SMARTT/Cognos Trainings and Support
    Check the upcoming trainings on the SABES Calendar. To register, click on the register icon on workshop title on the SABES calendar. If you need SMARTT / Cognos help, please send an email to Please do not contact the SABES field technologists or the SMARTT team directly for assistance. For an email request, be sure to include a clear subject header. You do not need to include detailed information in the initial email to smartthelp. A short subject is adequate because once you send an email; you will receive an auto-response containing a link to a form. Please fill out this form completely and hit the "Submit" button at the end. You will be contacted either by phone or email shortly afterwards by a SABES field technologist if he/she needs further information.

Questions?Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: November 9, 2012
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