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SMARTT Update, December, 2012

  1. Wait List Verification - Due December 1st
    Thank you to the 64 programs that updated the waitlist information. If you haven't updated the waitlist information, please complete it by the end of December. Information on how to verify that the waitlist has been updated was provided in the November update. By completing the waitlist verification, ACLS can have an accurate waitlist count and can answer questions about the waitlist with confidence that the numbers reflect the current demand for services. We will be adding a report in Cognos and/or the ABE Directory that breaks out the time students have been on the waitlist that corresponds to the waitlist verification screen:

    • Less than 1 year
    • 1 -2 years
    • 2 - 3 years
    • More than 3 years

    The current waitlist counts displayed on the ABE Directory are:

    Total17, 868

  2. ADA Checklist Verification - Due December 7th Thank you to the 77 programs that updated the ADA Checklist information. If you haven't updated the ADA Checklist information, please complete it by the end of December. The ADA Checklist is located under the "Project" link on the left menu, and should be completed for the fund codes listed below. Please note that the information to be entered is for FY12. The "Signature Verification" panel indicates that all the information is accurate.

    Signature Verification

  3. Users Module in SMARTT
    Please remember that the "Users" module allows staff with "Agency Coordinator" access in SMARTT to do the following:

    • Activate new SMARTT accounts
    • Disable SMARTT accounts
    • Reset passwords when the account was disabled due to more than 5 attempts when logging onto the system.

    When the user first logs into the SMARTT system using his UserId and the new default Password (which is set by staff with "Agency Coordinator" access), he/she will be taken directly to the screen to reset the password. Only after the user resets his/her password will he/she be able to access the rest of the SMARTT system. Once the account is "Activated", an email is automatically sent to the SMARTT team, the Project Coordinator of the grant, and the User who needed the password to be reset. The staff person with Agency Coordinator access who activates the account must make sure to communicate the new default password to the user. If not, the user will not be able to login to the system to set his/her new password.

    View External Link
    Video made by the SABES techs to assist you with this
  4. Steps for Modifying FY13 Program Plans for Increased Services
    As a result of the supplemental funding increase to adult basic education, we have an opportunity to serve additional students and increase the intensity of services. In order to capture these additional services, you need to modify your FY2013 program plan. Please reference the document labeled "Steps in Making Program Design Changes" in the letter named "FY2013 ABE Line Item Increase", under "Special Mailings" on the ACLS website. It is also attached to the e-mail sent by Jennyfer Cabral on 12/3/2012. Make sure that the "Direct" summary sheet award matches the new grant award.

    When adding instructional services, programs must do one or more of the following:

    • Add seats in existing classes
    • Add new classes
    • Modify existing classes to increase intensity
    • Add non rate based classes to add intensity

  5. ACLS Regional Meetings
    The slides from the ACLS regional meetings Download PDF Document  Download Powerpoint Presentation focusing on the National Reporting System changes are posted on the SMARTT section of the ACLS website.

    These areas were discussed:

    • Changes on follow-up outcomes and new data requirements
    • Criteria for cohorts
    • Changes to reporting timeline and reporting tables
    • Questions and answers posted on the ACLS website

    Please note that if students signed the release of information form dated 5/11/10, programs can then view the date met for students who set the goal "to enter post-secondary" education. If the student did not sign the revised release form, the programs must follow-up with the students to determine if they met the goal "enter post-secondary education." The data match with the National Student Clearinghouse does not require a social security number to be provided. Remember that the data match for job related measures (enter and retain employment) require a social security number and a signed release form. We will be developing a new "NRS Cohort" screen which will be similar to the "Follow-up Goal" screen so that users can see which students are included in each of the four cohorts. Programs should encourage students to sign the release form so that more outcomes are captured.

  6. GED Data Matching - Match Completed on 11/27/12
    The last GED data match with Oklahoma Scoring Service was completed on 11/27/2012.

    Eighty eight (88) records were matched for students who attended classes in FY13. Out of this, seventy seven (77) students set the goal which is 88%. Please remember that we are moving to the "cohort" model for federal reporting this year.

    If you find that a student did receive the GED and the record was not updated in SMARTT, please e-mail Ruth Derfler ( to determine what data element was incorrect so that the student's record can be corrected. It is important to capture all GEDs met and credit all students who meet the goal.

  7. Cognos Update
    We are in the process of upgrading to Cognos 10 and consolidating all federal reports, performance reports, and performance standards reports. Programs will be able to select various fiscal years as well as various tables or reports. There will also be an option to select a report in report/table format or trends and charts. Here is a mock-up of the new federal reports where you can select the report type, site name, and then the fiscal year and table number. You can switch between years and tables, and the data refreshes immediately.

    Fiscal year and report type selections

    Sample 2012 fiscal year Federal reprot table 1 report

    Report type filtersReport selections; age, gender, race/ethnicity,program type
    graph showing number of students from 2008 - 2012 by age ranges
    table showing number of students from 2008 - 2012 by age ranges

  8. SMARTT/Cognos Trainings and Support
    Please check the SABES calendar for any upcoming trainings. If you need SMARTT or Cognos help, please send an email to since the SABES techs need an e-mail to track all requests. For an email request, be sure to include a clear subject header. You do not need to include detailed information in the initial email to smartthelp. A short subject is adequate because once you send an email, you will receive an auto-response containing a link to a form. Please fill out this form completely and hit the "Submit" button at the end. You will be contacted either by phone or email shortly afterwards by a SABES field technologist if he/she needs further information. Please do not contact "smarttsupport" since that is an e-mail address for the SABES techs to use to submit any issues to the SMARTT team.

Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: December 12, 2012
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