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SMARTT Update, February, 2013

  1. National Reporting System (NRS) Cohorts
    The National Reporting System requires that the employment status must be updated at the beginning of each fiscal year for all returning students. The "Update Students Employment List" displays names which need to be updated. To access the list of students, click on "Students" on the left menu, and then click on "Update Employment".

    Shows list of students whose employment status is pending and needs to be updated

    When you click on the name, you will see the student record. Click on the "Employment & Household" tab so that you can edit the student's employment status. You must edit the record and hit "Save" even if the status remained the same to indicate that you have verified the employment status for this year. When you go back to the "Update Employment" link, you will see that the count has been decreased. When no names appear on this list, you have successfully updated all of your records.

    Employment & Household
    Employment Status:Unemployed and not looking
    Public Assistance:SNAP
    Single Parent/Guardian/Caregiver:No

    We are asking that this task be completed by the end of March. Your Program Specialist will contact you the end of February reminding you to update this information and let you know how many records still need to be updated.

    It is important to try to get as many signed "Release of Information" forms as possible so that the burden of follow-up is lessened for those in the "Post-Secondary Education" cohort. Remember that the data match for job related measures (enter and retain employment) requires a social security number and a signed release form. Programs should encourage students to sign the release form so that more outcomes are captured.

  2. Assign Instructors to Classes
    A change was recently made to the "Class Instructor" screen. We added a check to ensure that teachers have a current staff salary record so that the staff name will appear in the "Instructor Lookup" dropdown in the "Class Instructor" screen. In doing some analysis, we found that some instructors have been assigned to classes who do not have a salary record in the current fiscal year in any of the three funding types - Direct, Collaborative, or Match. Therefore some of our reports are not accurate. This might happen when an instructor is hired after the start of the fiscal year and was not entered in the staff plan that was initially approved at the beginning of the fiscal year. All staff information is copied over from the staff plan screen in program planning to the staff salary screen at the time the program plan is initially approved. Therefore, if an instructor is hired to teach a class that was not listed in the initially approved plan, the staff salary must be entered in the staff salary screen.

    Here are the steps to follow to enter staff salary:

    1. On the Main Menu - Click the Staff Link
    2. Type the person's last name and click on the name
    3. On the left menu, click "Add Salary" and fill in the information
      These are the required fields:
      • Classification
      • Title
      • Fund Type (Direct, Collaborative or Match)
      • Hourly Rate (see screen print below)
    4. Enter the teaching hours (which might be listed in a later approved version
    5. of the program plan)
    6. Hit Save

    Staff salary screen displays all categories of information that needs to be entered for all staff

    Then, go back to the Main screen

    1. Click on Classes
    2. Select the class code
    3. Select Instructors and click on "Instructor Lookup" icon
    4. You should see the instructor name so select it
    5. Enter the number of teaching weeks for that class
    6. Hit Save

    If you need further assistance, contact the SABES techs at

  3. GED Data Matching - Match Completed on 1/24/2013
    The last GED data match with Oklahoma Scoring Service was completed on 1/24/2013. One hundred and fifty four (154) records were matched for students who attended classes in FY13. Please remember that we have moved to the "cohort" model for federal reporting this year which is not dependent on goal setting. The criteria for the "Obtain Secondary Credential" is based on the number of students who took all five subject area GED tests who exited during the year.

    If you find that a student did receive the GED and the record was not updated in SMARTT, please e-mail Ruth Derfler ( to determine what data element was incorrect so that the student's record can be corrected. It is important to capture all GEDs met and credit all students who meet the goal.

  4. SMARTT/Cognos Trainings and Support
    Please check the SABES calendar for any upcoming trainings. If you need SMARTT or Cognos help, please send an email to since the SABES techs need an e-mail to track all requests. For an email request, be sure to include a clear subject header. You do not need to include detailed information in the initial email to smartthelp. A short subject is adequate because once you send an email, you will receive an auto-response containing a link to a form. Please fill out this form completely and hit the "Submit" button at the end. You will be contacted either by phone or email shortly afterwards by a SABES field technologist if he/she needs further information. Please do not contact "smarttsupport" since that is an e-mail address for the SABES techs to use to submit any issues to the SMARTT team. Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: February 7, 2013
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