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SMARTT Update, May 2013

  1. Site Rollover Link Available
    The site rollover link is available so that programs can review the site rollover report to make sure that all the FY13 information is updated. This report will help programs determine whether student goal, assessment, and attendance data needs to be updated. Remember that the report always lists only current students at the site. When you exit a student from the site, you verify that all the information has been updated. One new section was added this year for programs to indicate if the site is continuing into the next fiscal year.

    The sections of the site rollover report are listed below and data should be reviewed in this sequence:

    • Unenrolled Classes: lists classes with no enrollments this fiscal year
    • Unenrolled Students: lists students who have never been enrolled in any classes or volunteer matches this fiscal year
    • Inactive Student Attendance: lists students who have been enrolled in classes or volunteer matches and no attendance has been entered
    • Inactive Student Assessments: lists names for each assessment area where data has not been updated/reviewed since May 1st
    • Inactive Student Goals: lists names for each goal area where data has not been updated/reviewed since May 1st
    • Inactive Follow-up Goals: lists names for each follow-up goal area where data has not been updated/reviewed since May 1st
    • Active Staff: lists staff names who were active and had salary records
    • Professional Development Activities: lists staff names who participated in trainings/activities offered by providers other than SABES (participation in SABES trainings and activities is entered directly by SABES rather than by the participating program)
    • Transition Students: College Courses: lists college courses taken during the calendar year

    The report has functionality to track the student goal and assessment data that has been reviewed. When you review the list of student assessments and goals and check off the box next to the student name, you can save that list. Click on the button at the top of the report labeled "Save Current Work". The report will then show the list of names that still need to be reviewed.

    The next time you access the report, you will get the "Working" version which is the list of remaining students to review. You should keep reviewing each student's assessment and goal information until no names appear on this list. If, at any time, you want to go back to see the original list, you can click on the "Original" button at the top of the report. You still have the option to click on the "Working" button to list the students who still need to be reviewed to verify that the information is updated and accurate. This functionality helps programs go through the list of names without having to record the information on paper.

    When you are ready to submit the site rollover request at the end of the fiscal year, no names should appear in the assessment or goals section. Site rollover requests must be submitted by September 3rd. If names appear, you will need to check off each remaining box indicating your review of the data before you can submit the request for site rollover. The request indicates that all the information contained within this report is true and accurate and does not need to be updated or corrected. This checkbox is equivalent to the Program Coordinator's Signature.

  2. NRS Cohort Screen
    Now that the NRS Cohort screen is available, please start following up with students who appear in the cohort list. Only students who had at least 12 hours of attendance and who exited this year (between 7/1/2012 and 6/30/2013) will be included in the cohorts. The "Status" filter is set to "Requires Follow-up" which that means that you need to follow-up with those students. If you change the filter to "Entire Cohort", you will see the entire list which includes those who are data matched and those with a link that require follow-up. Follow-up is required for the "Entry into Post Secondary Education or Training" cohort if the student did not provide a release form cohort. Follow-up is required for the "Enter and Retain Employment" cohorts if the student did not provide a social security number and release form. The information to be entered is the same as for the "Goal Follow-up" screen. You need to enter the contact information in the "Contacts" panel and the date met in the "Cohort" section.

  3. Site Assessment Report Changes in SMARTT
    The following assessment changes will be made to the assessment reports in the "Site" section in SMARTT in the next few weeks:

    • Modify all the "Site" assessment reports to include tests taken by students at any site
    • Modify all the "Site" assessment reports to include the new TABE CLAE-e Reading test
    • Add a new site report "TABE CLAS-E Reading" which will include tests taken by students at any site
    • Modify the last exclusion noted in brown in the three site assessment reports "Primary Set", "Primary Not Set", and "Other" which will be based on the pretest date rather than the intake date. Currently students are excluded if their intake date is on or after April 1st but since we are encouraging programs to offer more intensive classes, the exclusion will be based on students who are given a pretest on or after April 1st who have less than 65 hours or attendance. Programs have notified us that many students enrolled in April who attended 15- 20 hours per week were not included.

  4. Cognos Update to 10.2 We will be moving to a newer version of Cognos on May 22nd. We don't expect Cognos to be down for a significant amount of time, but we will notify programs ahead of time when Cognos will be unavailable. After the upgrade, Cognos will then be available in the Firefox browser as well. The reports will be the same but the federal reports will be displayed in the new format which was listed in the December 2012 mailing.

    The following reports will be updated in Cognos for FY13 in the next week or so. Please remember that assessments are at the student level this year, and all tests will be included in all sites and projects where the student is enrolled regardless of where the test was administered. The site assessment reports in SMARTT are being revised to include students who tested at any site. Please note that all learning gain tests cannot be finalized until the end of the fiscal year when all TABE CLAS-E Reading tests are entered and staff at UMass Amherst has analyzed the data to determine significant gain.

    Performance Reports - 6
    Learning Gains by test: Project Level (with 0 for TABE CLAS-e Reading)
    Learning Gains by test: Site Level (with 0 for TABE CLAS-e Reading)
    Pre Post by Project
    Pre Post by Project Fund Code
    Pre Post by Site
    Pre Post Class

    Learn At Work - 1
    Pre Post by Project Fund Code

    Transitions -1
    Pre Post

    Distance Learning - 1
    Pre Post by Project Fund Code

    Desk Review - 1
    Pre Post Status Report

    Distance Learning - 1
    Student MAPT scores

  5. Undelivered ACLS Notices
    Please review the list of active accounts in the "User" section in SMARTT and deactivate any accounts for staff who have left your program. We received 91 "undelivered" notices from the "Teacher" list last week so it is important that this list is kept up to date. The "Users" module allows staff with "agency" level access in SMARTT to:

    • deactivate any accounts for staff who have left
    • activate new SMARTT accounts for other staff within their projects and sites
    • view the status of all accounts --active, pending and disabled

  6. Professional Development Entered by SABES and ACLS
    If you want to view the professional development activities for your staff that were entered by SABES, ACLS staff, or your own staff, clicks on the "Project" link in SMARTT. You will see four links for Professional Development (PD) reports.

    • Staff SABES PD
    • Staff Non-SABES PD
    • Staff ACLS PD
    • Staff SABES/Non-SABES PD

    The last link, Staff SABES/Non-SABES PD, lists all professional development activities entered. This report shows the following information:

    • Staff Name
    • PD Topic
    • Date Taken
    • Title
    • Number of Hours
    • PD Type ( SABES, Non-SABES, or ACLS)

  7. SMARTT/Cognos Trainings and Support
    Please check the SABES Calendar to register for the new SMARTT New User Training which is available on-line. Click on the "register" icon. This online workshop is completely asynchronous, meaning it can be done on your own time, but it must be completed within the time frame posted. There are required assignments and projects. Upon successful completion, participants will be given four hours professional development credit, as well as a certificate of completion. Massachusetts programs funded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education are required to have two staff members in their program who completed this training. The SMARTT New User is an online Moodle training that is designed to give participants a hands-on experience in using SMARTT. It requires you to create (or have) a Moodle account.

    If you need SMARTT/Cognos help, please send an email to Please do not contact the SABES field technologists or the SMARTT team directly for assistance. For an email request, be sure to include a clear subject header. You do not need to include detailed information in the initial email to smartthelp. A short subject is adequate because once you send an email; you will receive an auto-response containing a link to a form. Please fill out this form completely and hit the "Submit" button at the end. You will be contacted either by phone or email shortly afterwards by a SABES field technologist if he/she needs further information. Or, if you like, go directly to SMARTT technical assistance webpage to access the form to cut out the intermediate step of emailing.

Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: May 10, 2013
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