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SMARTT Update, March 2014

  1. SMARTT Enhancements Released on March 13th at 6:30 PM
    1. Revised Student Intake

      The changes to the Student Intake form were released on Thursday, March 13th at 6:30 PM. The following additional required fields were added to the Student Intake Form:

      • Previously Enrolled (Y/N)
      • Previous Site Name (not required if "Previously Enrolled" is 'No")
      • Middle Name (was previously "Middle Initial" and option for not provided)
      • Previous Last Name (option for not provided)
      • Previous Address (option for not provided)

      These new fields are optional:

      • City of Birth
      • Previous Contact information - is very helpful when determining if the student is the same as a student previously enrolled in ABE, K-12, or community colleges. Previous name might be a maiden name, surname, etc. This field had been labeled "Mailing" information but most programs did not utilize this field.

    2. Assessment Post Test Reminder

      A new link on the SMARTT Welcome page provides users with a list of current students who have 65+ hours of attendance who need a post-test. Thanks to the Assessment Working Group and Jane Schwerdtfeger who provided suggestions for the screen.

      Welcome Screen in SMARTT showing current agency, project, and site

      Welcome Screen in SMARTT showing link for Students Needing a Post Test

      List of students with 65+ Hours of Attendance screen that displays ABE and ESOL tests and lists student names, attended hours, and primary assessment area (Y/N)

      Each panel displays 15 names before you need to use the scroll bar to view additional names. If users want to print individual panels, they can click on the print icon (next to the Word icon) provided in each panel. The data can also be exported to Word or Excel.

      If you want to print the entire list of students for all test panels, here is the step by step process to configure the print settings.

      Step 1: Click on File > Page Setup
      screen showing how to access Page setiup in the browser

      Step 2: On the 'Page Setup' window, the user selects 'Title' under the 'Header' field
      screen showing how to change the Header field to Title

  2. Exiting Students in a Timely Manner
    We received a lot of feedback from users regarding the new policy to automatically exit students who have no attendance for 90 days (3 months). We have found that many students are not exited in a timely manner, and therefore the student outcomes are not included in our federal report. As you know, Table 5 only reports outcomes for exited students. When reviewing data for all states we reported that only 2% entered postsecondary education or training. We ranked next to the bottom among all the states in this area.

    Core Followup Outcome MeasureNumber of Participants Included in Survey and/or Data MatchedNumber of Participants Responding to Survey or Used for Data MatchingResponse Rate or Percent Available for MatchNumber of Participants Achieving OutcomeWeighted Average Percent Achieving Outcome
    Entered Postsecondary Education or Training2,1132,113100%462%

    We have convened a SMARTT User Group that will meet monthly. The agenda for the March meeting will focus on the following recommendations:

    • Recommend implementing the policy starting in December of each fiscal year and ending in June so that the summer months are excluded. The first data entry lockout starts on Dec. 1st each fiscal year after July, August, and September data has been entered by Nov. 30th.
    • Recommend excluding volunteer matches and DL Hubs for now until we will review the data for these two specialty areas.
    • Recommend reviewing FY14 data to 1) determine how many students would have be listed as pending after 2 months of no attendance 2) determine how many students would be listed as a possible "Hold" status with no attendance after 3 months

  3. NRS Cohort Follow-Up
    Please make sure that you follow-up with students who are listed on the NRS Cohort screen who require follow-up. Here are some reminders about when to contact students and a script was provided in the February mailing to use when talking with students. If you are following up on the employment cohorts, you need to ask the student when he/she became employed after leaving the program.

    Entered Employment

    • If the exit occurred during July - September 2013, the follow-up should occur with the student sometime during January - March 2014. Inquiry during the follow-up should be regarding their employment status during October - December 2013.

    Retained Employment

    • If the exit occurred during January - March of 2013, the follow-up should occur with the student sometime during January - March 2014. Inquiry during the follow-up should be regarding their employment status during October - December 2013. You do not want to follow-up too soon for the retained employment cohort.

  4. SMARTT/ Cognos Downtime - Server Upgrades
    Please note that SMARTT and Cognos will be down for 2 days for moving the SMARTT data to new servers. The migration process will start on Monday April 21st at 5:15 PM and the system will be back up by 5 PM on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Last Updated: March 25, 2014
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