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SMARTT Update, April 2014

  1. SMARTT/Cognos Downtime for Server Upgrades - Monday, April 28 5 PM - Wednesday, April 30 5 PM
    Please note that SMARTT and Cognos will be down for two days for moving the SMARTT data to new servers. The migration process will start on April 28 at 5 PM and the system will be back up by 5 PM on April 30. MAPT testing will still take place, but programs need to use at Online Web Learning for MAPT.

  2. Program Plans Move to FY15 on April 25th
    All programs plan will be moved to FY15 on April 25. All federally funded programs must verify with their program specialists that the summer classes (7/1/2014 - 8/31/2014) listed in the FY14 plan are accurate before the plans are moved to FY15. The updated program plan reference materials and technical manual for FY15 will be posted on the SMARTT section of the ACLS website next week. These are the changes for FY15 program planning:

    1. Supplemental - added Distance Learning (users will enter $5,000 or $10,000 for Option 1 or 2)
    2. Class Funding Detail screen - see changes below for Collaborative section
      Collaborative Slots and Collaborative Funding
      540 Adult Career Pathways - deleted since this is state funded
      541 CALC - Added
      Policy to Performance - deleted since this initiative ended in FY13
    3. Administrative Cost Worksheet

    We added a signature verification section and a line for the Project Coordinator to sign and date. The Program Director needs to submit the signed hard copy with the refunding package.

    Signature Verification
    The administrative costs reflect correct percentages.

    1. Checking this box is equivalent to the Program Coordinator's Signature.

    The administrative costs contained within this report is true and accurate and does not need to be updated or corrected.

    Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________

  3. SMARTT Enhancement Released on March 27
    All "Assessment" reports in the "Site" section listed below now include tests for all students regardless of the site where they were administered. This means that if a student took a pre test at Site A and then enrolled in Site B and took another test, both tests would be included in the Site reports at both sites. Both sites will get credit for the pre and post test.

    • Assessment Report (Primary Set)
    • Assessment Report (Primary Not Set)
    • Assessment Report (Other)
    • TABE Report
    • BEST Plus Report
    • CLAS-E Writing Report
    • CLAS-E Reading Report
    • MAPT Report (Primary Area)
    • MAPT Report (All Areas)

  4. Exiting Students in a Timely Manner
    Please refer to the special mailing posted on February 21, 2014 regarding "Policy Changes Regarding Student Intakes and Exiting Students".
    With input from the SMARTT User Group, the following changes will take place:
    • The auto-exit policy will be implemented starting in December of each fiscal year and ending in June excluding summer months. The first data-entry lockout starts on December 1 after July, August, and September data have been entered by November 30. This new policy will start on May 1.
    • The policy will exclude the site specialties of "Volunteers" and "Distance Learning Hubs" until we review the data for these two specialty areas.
    • To help programs adjust to this new policy, ACLS is developing a link on the "Welcome" screen in SMARTT that will display names of students whose length of absence is two months. This will be a reminder to staff to check with those students to see if they plan to return to class before they will be auto exited after three months of no attendance. The NRS cohort model tracks and captures outcomes for students only after their exit date from a program. Any student who remains in the SMARTT system unexited, cannot be included in the pool of students achieving outcomes.

    Please note that it is easy to re-intake students when students return to your program. There are two ways to re-intake students.

    Click on "Students" on the left menu, and then click on "Add Student". Type the required information for the student name. Students previously enrolled will appear in the "Look-up" box. Click on the student name and the entire history will appear. In most cases you will only have to change the intake date and click through the tabs to complete the reintake.
    Student Basic Information- Phase 1  screen showing how to reintake a student
    Click on "Students" on the left menu. Change the "Status" to "exited". Type the required information for the student name. Then click on the name and all the previous information appears.
    Student Search screen showing how to reintake a student
  5. NRS Cohort Follow-up
    Be sure to follow-up with students who are listed on the NRS Cohort screen as requiring follow-up. Data matching only applies to students who signed the confidentiality agreement and provided a social security number. Here are some reminders about when to contact students for the employment measures.

    Entered Employment
    If the exit occurred during January, February, or March, the follow-up should occur with the student on or after July 1. During the follow-up call, the former student should be asked if he/she had any employment at anytime during April - June. If the student is unsure of the exact date but knows the month of their employment, enter into SMARTT any date within the same month.
    Exit Occurs During These MonthsEmployment PeriodContact StudentsInformation to Collect During Contact
    January, February, or MarchAnytime during April - JuneAnytime on or after July 1Yes/No - if student was working during employment period

    Retained Employment
    If the exit occurred between July and September 2013, the follow-up should occur with the student by the end of the third quarter. The caller should request information regarding the employment status during April - June 2014. You do not want to follow-up too soon for the retained employment cohort.
    Exit Occurs During These MonthsEmployment PeriodContact StudentsInformation to Collect During Contact
    July, August, or September of last yearAnytime during April - June of this yearAnytime on or after July 1Yes/No - if student was working during employment period

    If the student indicates "Yes", then there is no need to ask for a specific date indicating beginning date of employment. For the purposes of recording the information, any date in April - June can be entered into SMARTT.

Questions? Please contact Donna Cornellier at

Last Updated: April 11, 2014
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