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Common Terms

The following are commonly used terms within the aMAzing Educators website:

Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship: A comprehensive field-based learning experience of at least 300 hours in the role and at the level of the license sought, guided by a trained mentor who holds a Professional license in the same role.

Apprenticeship: A paid or unpaid field-based experience of at least one semester in the role and at the level of the license sought, in a classroom with a supervising classroom teacher who holds a Professional license.

Approved Preparation Program: An educator preparation program that is approved by the Commissioner to prepare individuals for educator licensure in Massachusetts.

Educators: This term is used to refer to teachers, administrators, school support personnel, teacher specialists, and paraprofessionals.

Gateway for Education in Massachusetts (GEM): The previous recruitment tool used by the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education for supporting educators in finding a job. Its capabilities and content have been updated and integrated into the new aMAzing Educators website.

Induction Program: A planned program of professional support for new teachers and administrators provided by the school district, including orientation, opportunities for classroom observation and conferencing, and peer group meetings. An induction program should be an integral part of a school district's professional development plan.

Internship: A paid or unpaid, supervised, and mentored field-based experience, outside of an approved program, in the role and at the level of the license sought.

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL): Examinations required of all candidates for Preliminary or Initial license.

Mentor: An educator who has at least three full years of experience under an Initial or Professional license and who has been trained to assist a beginning educator in the same professional role with his or her professional responsibilities and general school/district procedures. In addition, a mentor may assist an experienced educator who is new to a school, subject area, or grade level.

Panel Review: The process used by the Department for reviewing and recommending candidates for Initial licensure who have substantial experience and formal education relevant to the license sought but have not met the specific license requirements (This option is only available for certain professional support personnel and administrator licenses.)

Sponsoring Organization: Institution of higher education or alternative preparation organization that provides, or seeks to provide, approved preparation programs.

Turnaround Schools: Level 4 schools are often referred to as "turnaround schools" since designation as a Level 4 school requires them to undertake an accelerated process for rapid and sustainable achievement within three years. A Level 4 school is an "underperforming" school and is both low performing on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) over a four year period (in both English language arts (ELA) and mathematics) and not showing signs of substantial improvement over that time.

Last Updated: December 20, 2017

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