The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Commissioner's Goals and Objectives for 2018-2019

Paul Sagan, Chair, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Jeffrey C. Riley, Commissioner
September 7, 2018

Per your request, I have identified the following goals and objectives for school year 2018-2019. Although not ranked in a particular order, these goals will guide my work with the overarching purpose of planning for and executing on the path forward for Massachusetts education over the next decade.

  1. Building on the successful development and implementation of the English language arts, mathematics, science and computer science standards and curriculum frameworks and in an effort to strengthen teaching and learning for all students, I will lead, support and engage the field in:
    • The implementation of the new History/Social Science/Civics Framework and the development of the associated assessment system.
    • The development of the updated arts and health frameworks for the Board's review.

  2. Communication and outreach initiatives that I will lead in school year 2018-2019 include:
    • Devise and execute a print, video and other media campaign during fall and winter, celebrating teachers and focusing on recruitment.
    • Establish a working committee to develop a plan that will guide the diversification of the teacher force.
    • Convene major stakeholders in an education conference in spring 2019 that seeks to determine the state's path forward on education.
    • Visit over 100 schools throughout the school year with a focus on listening to stakeholders in the field, providing professional development, and modeling effective instructional practices.
  3. I will collaborate with the Governor's office, Legislature, and stakeholders to promote and advance necessary changes in the foundation budget that will ultimately lead to an accurate reflection of the needs of all students in the Commonwealth.

  4. I will identify and execute on targeted intervention strategies for under-performing school districts as determined by the measures established in the accountability system. Primary areas of focus may include improvement of instructional practices to accelerate learning, culturally responsive teaching and learning, and increased engagement opportunities for students.

  5. I will work with the field and the agency to analyze the state's new accountability system and refine it as necessary.

  6. In partnership with Human Resources, I will lead the promotion of racial equity, diversity, and cultural proficiency within the agency.

  7. I will assess the responsibilities and functions of the agency to determine how we can continue to strengthen and leverage services provided to schools while carrying out the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's mission and goal of preparing all students for success.