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Congressional Record

Recognition of the Shrewsbury High School
Congressional Resolution Project on Aids Education

The following is an excerpt from the Shrewsbury High School Congressional Resolution Project on Aids Education. The resolution was drafted by a group of 23 students at Shrewsbury High School. Commissioner Robert V. Antonucci recently visited the school to recognize and support this initiative.

Concurrent Resolution

"Expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to encourage Congress to endorse all current funding mechanisms that provide for AIDS research, support and prevention programs." Said resolution shall inspire Congress to design or support additional funding concepts that nurture innovative education and prevention concepts for teenagers across America.

Whereas the teenagers of America feel that communities that do not provide HIV/AIDS education for their teenagers are at risk. The uninformed and uneducated part of America's youth will result in an increase in the number of HIV infections and the deaths of millions of innocent people. The World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2000, the virus will have attacked thirty to forty million people around the world.

Whereas according to estimates provided by The World Health Organization , HIV/AIDS victims are costing an average of $150,000 each. By the year 2000, six trillion dollars will be needed to provide adequate health care for these individuals.

Whereas teenagers across America believe effective education can help others make smart choices. These choices could mean the difference between life and death.

Whereas HIV/AIDS education for high school students across the country is inadequate. In some communities the lack of education is caused by poor public perception, as well as misconceptions about the HIV/AIDS virus.

Whereas we the students of Shrewsbury High School in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, respectfully request the Congress to form a partnership with communities across the nation. This partnership will be to assure quality and effective HIV/AIDS educational programs."

The Shrewsbury High School Congressional Resolution Project on Aids Education is seeking schools throughout the Commonwealth to conduct a signature drive to support our resolution. We have signature papers along with a promotional packet and details for any school that would like to help us in our quest to generate tens of thousands of signatures across America. These signatures will be collected and sent to Congress in support of our resolution. For further information, contact Mr. Rick Marchand, Health Education Department, Shrewsbury High School, 45 Oak Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545, (508) 845-4641,

Last Updated: October 4, 2002
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