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Educational Technology Advisory Council

Massachusetts STaR Chart (School Technology and Readiness Chart)


The latest version of the Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document Massachusetts STaR Chart (School Technology and Readiness Chart) was issued in July 2010. It describes what technology looks like in Teaching and Learning, Educator Preparation and Development, Administration and Support Services, and Infrastructure for Technology at four progressively more sophisticated levels. It describes the progress in terms of Early Tech, Developing Tech, Proficient Tech, and Advanced Tech in the following areas under each major category:

Teaching and Learning

  • Impact of Technology on Teacher Role
  • Patterns of Teacher Use*
  • Design of Instructional Setting
  • Curriculum Areas
  • Patterns of Student Use*

Educator Preparation and Development

  • Content of Training
  • Capabilities of Educators*
  • Leadership and Capabilities of Building Principals and District Administrators
  • Models of Professional Development
  • Levels of Understanding
  • Universal Access: Integration of Universal Design and Assistive Technology

Administration and Support Services

  • Vision and Planning
  • Technical Support (hardware, operating system, network)*
  • Technology Integration Specialist*
  • Budget Levels
  • Budget Allocated for Technology (Total Cost of Ownership)*

Infrastructure for Technology

  • Universal Design and Accessible Technology Considerations (e.g. Section 508)
  • Students Per Instructional Computer*
  • Internet Access Connectivity/Speed*
  • E-Learning Environments*
  • LAN/WAN*
  • Other Technologies
  • Security

* ETAC recommend that local technology plan (see below) Benchmarks be defined by the "Proficient Tech" level

The STaR Chart is a component of the overall technology planning and evaluation process. The document, Local Technology Plan Guidelines developed by the Department, provides recommended benchmarks for districts to meet by the end of the school year 2010- 2011. Many of the benchmarks are derived from the Proficient Tech level in the STaR Chart. A local technology plan must be approved by ESE in order for the district to receive E-rate and Title IID funds.

Create a Commonwealth-Wide STaR Chart Status
ETAC has created a STaR Chart site for the public to continue provide feedback on the STaR Chart

Last Updated: March 29, 2013
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