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Curriculum and Instruction

Model Curriculum Units Videos

Edwin Teaching and Learning, Instructional Improvement System
ELA Grade 7 Analyzing an Author's Style (Informational Text)
ELA Kindergarten Poetry: Sound, Pattern, and Meaning
ELA Grade 4 Negro Leagues Baseball (Informational Text)
History Social Science Grade 7 Roman Technology
Math Grade 6 Rates and Ratios
The Massachusetts Curriculum Development Project
Essential Questions
Establishing Goals
Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessments
Lesson Plans: Instructional Strategies
Evaluating the Unit
U.S. History II-Civil Rights Movement-Using Primary Sources to discuss Essential Questions
1st Grade National and Massachusetts Holidays-Building Academic Vocabulary
Math Grade 1, Math Detectives! Using Properties of Operations to Find Change
ELA Grades 11-12 Hamlet and Psychological Criticism
Mathematics: From Standards to Curriculum
Science and Technology/Engineering: From Standards to Curriculum
History and Social Science: From Standards to Curriculum
English Language Arts and Literacy: From Standards to Curriculum
Analysis of Primary Sources in the History Classroom
2nd Grade Author/Illustrator Study: Tomie dePaola (MA ELA Standard RL.2.7)

Last Updated: October 28, 2014
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