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Service-Learning Project Ideas

High School Level

MCAS Tutoring-9th Grade (Taunton, MA)
This SL Project's main objective was to increase confidence levels of Taunton's fourth grade students, while actively involving ninth grade at-risk students. Within this objective, students were taught social skills, study skills, and MCAS math. Ninth grade students were empowered by being placed in a teacher role and broken down by area of expertise to work with fourth grade students addressing their specific mathematical needs. In addition, these students met among themselves to develop teaching materials, classroom resources, and create a list of supplies needed to successfully mentor their peers. The ninth graders' main focus was to ensure the fourth grade students acquired the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to meet Massachusetts' state standards. (Math curriculum connections)

Whitman-Hanson Cares-9th-12th Grades (Whitman-Hanson Regional School District)
Whitman-Hanson Cares is a school wide project that highlights the Search Institute of America's initiative, "The Power of Promoting Positive Assets in Youth." The students learn about the 40 Developmental Assets through a video created through the interdisciplinary work of the SL class and TV Production class. In conjunction with the 40 Developmental Assets, the school continues to address the previous themes of Anti-Violence Week, anti-bullying, violence prevention, and anti-addictions as well as introduce new issues that need to be addressed such as homelessness, poverty, and affordable housing. In addition, the school participates in building a habitat home in Whitman as a concrete project bringing all of the issues to hand. (Comprehensive Health curriculum connections)

Addressing Teen Topics--9th-12th Grades (Fall River, MA)
The Durfee High School students participated in the planning, organizing, and administration of the Teen Topics Program. This program was a five part presentation addressing issues such as- Living With HIV/Aids, Internet Safety, Cultural Diversity, Communicating with Adults, and Healthy Relationships and Dating. The program was presented to middle school students at all four middle schools during after school time. The students learned organizational, communication, research, and presentation skills. (Comprehensive Health curriculum connections)

Recycle with EPA Entrepreneurial Paper Activities-9th-12th Grades (Charlestown High School, Boston, MA)
A team of students identified that paper was overused at the school and responded by applying recycling guidelines to an entrepreneurial model. Students visited a recycle center and a plastics museum to discover and learn how discarded material can evolve into useful and/or aesthetic objects. They hosted representatives from a company that recycles office waste. With college Vista volunteers, they tested local river water and published results for the school community. Then organizing and conducting a student-run collection of discarded classroom paper, they brainstormed ways to reuse the waste product. This project can help educate communities about the benefits of recycling and how to they can turn trash into treasure. (ELA, Science & Technology, Math curriculum connections)

Sports Clinic-9th-12th Grades (Greenfield, MA)
The idea for a Youth Sports Clinic was discussed in the Greenfield High School Service-Learning Class. Service learners for this project aspired to involve GHS athletes with younger children, which would in turn raise their interest in our sports teams. For consecutive Fridays the class met and went through all of the planning for this event. Children in Greenfield Public Schools, grades K-5, had the opportunity to participate in softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, football, cheerleading, soccer, field hockey, basketball, golf, and track and field. Each student also received healthy snacks and a complimentary t-shirt. Planning for this event included: advertising, developing a map and strategy for clinic participation, equipment management, as well as teaching age appropriate skills and drills. (Comprehensive Health curriculum connections)

Veteran Recognition-9th-12th Grades (Acton Boxborough Regional School District, MA)
Students listened to veterans from WWII, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, took oral histories, took photos, filmed the sessions, and started compiling histories for each veteran. Students addressed the lack of historical documentation of the veterans' stories and the lack of recognition for the service the veterans provided. Students worked together to compile a book of histories, to create an exhibit of photographic and artistic representations of their experiences and to start a documentary film. Students presented the histories to the veterans at a ceremony around Veterans' Day and presented the histories to the town and school libraries. (ELA curriculum connections)

Last Updated: December 14, 2007
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