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Educator Evaluation

2017 Draft Model Classroom Teacher Rubric and Proposed Refinements

In 2016-17, teachers and principals from DESE's Advisory Cabinets identified targeted refinements to the model teacher rubric for consideration. The resulting draft rubric retains the structure required by regulation (four Standards, 16 Indicators, and descriptions of practice across four performance levels) with the following targeted refinements:

  • Revisions to the exemplary descriptors, including a shift from "able to model" to "models this practice for others" (Stage 1),

  • Removal/clarification of redundant content, including the collapse of 8 elements into 4 (Stage 2),

  • Integration of the five core SEL competencies into four existing elements (Stage 3), and

  • Alignment of instructional practice embodied in the MA curriculum frameworks into existing elements (Stage 4).

Example Refinements

Exemplary Descriptor RefinementsRedundant Content (Removal/Clarification)
Revised Exemplary Descriptor for I.C.1: Analysis & Conclusions
  • Draws appropriate, actionable conclusions from a thorough analysis of a wide range of assessment data to inform short- and long-term instructional decisions that improve learning for all students. Models this practice for others.
Combined Pairs of Elements:
  • Well-Structured Unit & Lesson Design (I-A-3)
    (Standards-Based Unit Design + Well-Structured Lessons)
  • Creates & Maintains Respectful Environment (II.C.1)
    (Respects Differences + Maintains Respectful Environment)
  • High Expectations (II-D-1)
    (Clear Expectations + High Expectations)
  • Culturally Proficient Communication (III-C-1)
    (Two-Way Communication + Culturally Proficient Communication)

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Draft Refinements to Model Classroom Teacher Rubric

Share Your Feedback on the DRAFT Teacher Rubric

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is gathering feedback from educators on proposed draft refinements to the Model Classroom Teacher Rubric throughout the 2017-18 school year, during which time the draft rubric will be available for voluntary use, study, and analysis by educators throughout Massachusetts.

Educators may share feedback on the DRAFT rubric at any time by completing this feedback form. DESE will collect and use feedback to inform final revisions, with the goal of releasing a new Model Classroom Teacher Rubric for the 2018-19 school year.

Launch Your Own Teacher Study Group. Are you and your colleagues interested in exploring the proposed refinements and sharing your feedback with ESE? School-based Teacher Study Groups provide a great place for teachers to collectively explore, analyze, and share their feedback with DESE on proposed refinements to the classroom teacher rubric. Whether you are using the draft rubric in your formal 5-step evaluation cycle or not, the TSG protocol allows you and your colleagues to study the rubric together, examine its utility and alignment to your everyday practice, and construct feedback to DESE that reflects your perspective as a classroom teacher.

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Register your Teacher Study Group with DESE
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Download the TSG protocol

Last Updated: September 27, 2017
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