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Educator Evaluation

Funding for Vendor Delivery of ESE-Developed Educator Evaluation Training Modules


To support districts in providing the required evaluation training modules and to encourage teams and regionalization, DESE is providing a one-time discount of $1,500 per eligible team toward vendor delivery of educator evaluation training modules in all districts. Funds are paid directly to vendors approved by DESE under Category A of RFR-12EPLKC1 (Training Module Delivery) and RFQ-13EPLSW1.1


  • All districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts participating in the federal Race to the Top grant are eligible for this subsidy under RFR-12EPLKC1 (Category A: Training Module Delivery); all districts who are not participating in the federal Race to the Top grant are eligible for this subsidy under RFQ-13EPLSW1.
  • Districts can have up to one team per school and one district-level team. For example, a district with nine schools is eligible to have ten teams (one per school, plus one district-level team).
  • All teams within a district should utilize the same vendor.

Definition of Team

  • Teams should consist of at least four members and can take the following forms:
    1. District-level team: district-level educators within the one district
    2. School-level team: school-level educators within one school
    3. District/School mixed team: a combination of at least three school-level educators from one school and at least one district-level educator
    4. Cross School Team: a combination of educators from two or more schools
      • Cross school teams are only eligible if they comprise educators from schools under a minimum size, and must include at least two educators from each school. Approved vendors must submit subsidy requests for cross school teams to DESE on a case-by-case basis on behalf of the district.
  • The subsidy is a fixed $1,500 per team. Teams of less than four members are not eligible for the subsidy. Teams of greater than four people or teams over the number per districts (defined in Eligibility) are not eligible for larger subsidies.

Contracting with Vendors

  • Districts should contact vendors directly to inquire about services and pricing for the delivery of ESE-developed modules. Districts are responsible for additional costs beyond the $1500 discount, should there be any. Additional costs will vary by vendor and district need.
  • Districts may contract with a vendor to deliver any number of ESE-developed modules and be eligible to receive discounted services.

Receiving the Subsidy

  • Approved vendors will invoice DESE directly for reimbursement. Districts are unable to request the funds from ESE.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances within a district that affect the team composition, vendors may request an exemption from DESE on behalf of the district. Exemptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note: Subsidies may only be used toward payment for vendor delivery of ESE-developed training modules. Although districts are able to customize vendor services to meet local needs, the subsidy should not go toward those services.

Last Updated: November 19, 2013
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