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Induction and Mentoring

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Designate an Induction and Mentoring Contact for your District

We've created a new function in ESE's Directory Administration system for Induction and Mentoring Contacts. Each district is asked to select at least one person to serve as the point of contact for the district's induction and mentoring program for beginning educators. It's up to the district to determine who is most familiar with the districts induction programs and best suited to serve as a contact. The superintendent will be designated as the default contact. We expect the roles of contacts will vary by districts, with some being superintendents, assistant superintendents, curriculum directors, professional development directors, and/or teacher leaders.

With these contacts, ESE will share important updates, reminders, and new resources related to induction and mentoring. In June, contacts will receive a link to the 2015-16 annual induction and mentoring report districts must submit to ESE by July 31st, 2016.

A list of district administrators who can designate a person as the Induction and Mentoring Contact is available online. For more information about adding someone to a function in Directory Administration, download the Directory Administration Quick Reference Guide. If you run into any issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket through our Contact Us page and from the subject dropdown, choose: MassEdu Gateway/Security Portal.

Learn More about Induction and Mentoring

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Last Updated: May 5, 2016
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