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Induction of Beginning Educators

Administrator Induction Programs

What Is An Administrator Induction Program?
Standards/Components For District Programs

What Is An Administrator Induction Program?

Administrator induction programs provide administrators with the structure and support that they need to develop their leadership skills, build collegial school and/or district cultures as well as develop an understanding of the Professional Standards for Administrators. These programs should be customized to address the various types of administrators including: Supervisors/Directors, Special Education Administrators, School Business Administrators, Principals/Assistant Principals, and Superintendents/Assistant Superintendents. The Download PDF Document Massachusetts Guidelines for Induction Programs provide districts with direction for developing these programs.

Further direction will be set forth by the Commonwealth School Leadership Project which has been established to redefine the role and enrich the pipeline of education leaders by establishing a professional development system for inducting, training, networking, and providing ongoing support for school leaders. To ensure that the redefined roles for leaders are sustained, the project will initiate changes in state legislation, regulation and/or guidelines. As these changes are made, the guidance that the Department provides for administrator induction programs as well as the information provided on this web page will be modified to reflect these changes.

The Commonwealth School Leadership Project is a statewide project with funding from the DeWitt-Wallace Foundation and the Massachusetts Endowment for Superintendent, Principal, and Teacher Quality. Leading the project is a consortium, involving: Acting Governor Jane Swift, Board of Education Chair, James Peyser, Commissioner of Education, David Driscoll, and Co-chair of the House Committee on Education, Arts, and the Humanities, Robert Antonioni. The Consortium is advised by: the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators, the Massachusetts Elementary Principals Association, the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, and the Education Reform Review Commission.

Standards/Components For District Programs

Every district in the Commonwealth is required to provide this support program to new administrators as outlined by the licensure regulations [603 CMR 7.13]. Currently, district induction programs should include, at a minimum, the following components:

  1. An orientation program for first year administrators and all other administrators new to the district.

  2. Assignment of first year administrators to a trained mentor within the first two weeks of working. School districts that hire candidates who seek their Initial license as administrators through Option II must provide evidence to the Department of immediate assignment of the new administrator to a trained mentor when submitting their recommendation for Initial licensure.

  3. Assignment of a support team that shall consist of, but not be limited to, the mentor and an administrator qualified to evaluate administrators.

  4. Provision for adequate time for the mentor and beginning administrator to engage in professional conversations on learning and teaching as well as building leadership capacity within the school community and other appropriate mentoring activities. Adequate time must be provided for a second year for candidates who obtained their Initial license through Option II.

  5. Provision for adequate time and resources to learn how to use effective methods of personnel selection, supervision, and evaluation that are included in the Professional Standards for Administrators [603 CMR, 7.13(2)].

Last Updated: September 16, 2002
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