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Induction of Beginning Educators

Induction Resources for: Beginning Teachers

"I was able to observe an award-winning teacher in her classroom and reflect on her techniques. Her experience in the school and in teaching were most useful." - Beginning teacher, Springfield

"Discussing issues with other new teachers was helpful." - Beginning teacher, Worcester

"I 'stole' a lot of my mentors ideas and I was flattered that she uses some of mine. Her advice is very helpful and motivating." - Beginning teacher, Brockton

Why do I Need Support?

The induction program in your district is meant to give you the help you need to become familiar with the school and district, to refine your teaching practice, and to better understand your professional responsibilities as an educator. Your participation in the induction program is also a requirement. In order to advance through the stages of licensure in Massachusetts and eventually earn your Professional License, you must have completed a yearlong induction program.

What Should the Program Look Like?

All incoming teachers should expect to participate in a new teacher orientation, and learn who is responsible for formal evaluation of their performance. In addition, teachers in their first year of practice must be assigned to a veteran teacher, to begin a mentoring relationship within the first two weeks of teaching, and a support team. If you are not receiving the support that you need, or you are unsure what your district's induction program plan is, contact the school district's central administration office for more information.

What are the Benefits of Participating in an Induction Program?

The induction program is an integral part of your first year of teaching and begins every teacher's professional development. By providing meaningful induction, your district is paving the way for you to have a successful start to your career. It is also a service to your students, as teacher quality and performance has been positively linked to student achievement.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2002
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