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Edwin Analytics is a powerful reporting and data analysis tool that gives authorized districts and state level users access to new information, reports and perspectives on education and programs that specifically support improvements in teaching and learning. Edwin Analytics is unique because it integrates longitudinal data from pre-kindergarten through public post-secondary education. The available tools and reports for this data will help educators make informed decisions about how and where they can improve upon their teaching practices to provide an exceptional learning experience for their students. As part of the Department's continued commitment to improve the quality of education in Massachusetts, we highly recommend and encourage the use of these new Edwin Analytics tools.

School and district personnel should contact their district's Edwin Analytics contact for additional information. A contact list is available on School/District Profiles by selecting 'Edwin Analytics Contact' in the function field. All users should read the documents below before being granted access to Edwin Analytics.

Getting Started in Edwin Analytics

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Edwin Analytics Getting Started Guide — Posted 12/5/2018
New and expanded guide with helpful hints for using Edwin Analytics.

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Security Roles — Posted 12/5/2018
An explanation of the available Edwin Analytics security roles and which roles should be assigned to which personnel. This document also explains the laws addressing the access and use of student and teacher data. (For a copy of the state's policy on data access, see the Statewide Educational Data Warehouse Project Policy Statement below.)

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Statewide Educational Data Warehouse Project Policy Statement — Posted 12/5/2018
A summary of the federal and state laws governing the access to data by Department and district personnel, as well as the general public. Edwin Analytics was formerly called the Education Data Warehouse.

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Using Edwin — Posted 12/5/2018
A short guide to using the new version of the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions — Posted 12/5/2018
Answers to questions about Edwin in general and the recent changes in particular.

Watch Video
Edwin Analytics Tutorial Series for Teachers
This video series provides general information about gaining access and using Edwin Analytics. In videos 2 and 3, reports are discussed that are only available to teachers but much of the information about navigating, saving, printing, and exporting reports is useful for all new users.

Video 1: Edwin Analytics Overview
This video explains the process authorized educators should follow for gaining access to Edwin Analytics. It also provides some navigational information for using the tool and finding what you need.

Video 2: Run and Filter a Report in Edwin Analytics
This video explains how to run a report and filter it to find the data you need. The reports in this video are only available to teachers

Video 3: Save and Export a Report in Edwin Analytics
This video explains how to run a report and export the report to various formats for saving, printing, or performing additional analysis on the data.

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Classroom Reports Guide for Teachers and Evaluators — Posted 10/17/2014
A side by side comparison of the classroom reports currently available to Edwin Analytics users with the teacher and evaluator roles.

Edwin Analytics Content

For more information about Edwin Analytics, please use the EOE IT web form or contact your district's Edwin Analytics contact person. A list of Edwin Analytics contacts can be found on School/District Profiles. For information about the content of specific Edwin Analytics reports, please follow the links below:

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Edwin Analytics Reports Overview for College Readiness and EWIS reports
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Massachusetts Early Warning Indicator System (EWIS)
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View HTML Page
View HTML Page
SIMS (enrollment and indicator reports are based on SIMS data collections)
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EPIMS (staffing reports are based on the EPIMS data collections)
View HTML Page
SCS (classroom reports are based on the teacher-student connections made through SCS and EPIMS data collections)
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SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework; improved data collection for districts)

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Members of the EDW Users email list receive the Edwin Analytics newsletter quarterly. To subscribe, please send an email to with the following text—and only this text—in the body of the message:

subscribe listname your_full_name(e.g., subscribe edwusers john_smith).

The subject line of the email is ignored by the server.

This email list is available for all users.

Last Updated: December 13, 2018
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