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English Language Learners

Professional Development

The state sponsors a limited amount of professional development opportunities every year. You may find information on these offerings in the following places:

  1. View HTML Page  Online Learning Opportunities
  2. View HTML Page  RETELL: all Information regarding Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners (RETELL)
  3. ESE's PD page: General information about professional development (PD), such as PD standards, registered providers, as well as other tools and resources.
  4. Current OELAAA Offerings
    1. Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document  WIDA Purposeful Lesson Planning for English Learners, March 13–14, 2017, in Holyoke
    2. Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document  WIDA Standards in Action, May 24–25 2017, in New Bedford
    3. Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document  WIDA Engaging ELs in Science, June 28–29, 2017, in Osterville
    4. View HTML Page  MATSOL Six Standards Coaching, June 2017, at Fitchburg State University

Districts and individual educators are encouraged to seek additional PD offerings tailored to their particular needs. Each district may obtain additional trainings by hiring independent consultants based on their own training and professional development needs.

If you are looking for additional trainings, here are some options. The Department does not offer financial reimbursement of any kind to anyone participating in the options below. Districts and individuals may independently contract:

  1. WIDA Professional Development staff
  2. Local Professionally-Certified WIDA Trainers
  3. Department Registered PD Providers
  4. Extending the Learning: ESE provides districts, schools, collaboratives, and individual educators information about well-designed avenues to extend SEI learning and practice. This site provides a registry of SEI-related courses which have been reviewed and approved for promotion here by experts in the Department. This listing provides descriptions of approved offerings, as well as contact information through which districts, schools and educators can contact the course providers. Individual educators may use this site to locate course offerings, and find course registration information so they can sign up for courses that will meet their professional development needs and interests.

Some helpful organizations for professional development related to ELLs:
MATSOL (Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages)
MABE (Massachusetts Association of Bilingual Speakers)

* Note that districts are not limited to the State's Registered PD Providers or approved courses.

Last Updated: February 14, 2017
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