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School Finance: ESE Budget

Updated FY13 and FY14 Fiscal Projections for K-12 Education Local Aid Programs

To:Secretary Glen Shor, Executive Office for Administration & Finance
Secretary Matthew Malone, Executive Office of Education
Chairman Stephen M. Brewer, Senate Committee on Ways and Means
Chairman Brian S. Dempsey, House Committee on Ways and Means
Chairwoman Sonia Chang-Diaz, Joint Committee on Education
Chairwoman Alice H. Peisch, Joint Committee on Education
From:Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D., Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education
Date:April 11, 2013
Homeless transportation (7035-0005)
FY13 estimated claims11,523,819
FY13 appropriation6,050,000
FY13 estimated percentage52.5%
FY14 projected claims12,272,868
 FY14 projection assumes a 6.5% increase in claims.

Regional school transportation (7035-0006)
FY13 estimated claims75,339,759
FY13 appropriation44,521,000
FY13 estimated percentage59%
FY14 projected claims77,976,650
 FY14 projection includes estimated 100K prior year adjustments.
FY14 projection assumes a 3.5% increase in claims.

Non-resident vocational transportation (7035-0007)
FY13 estimated claims3,504,503
FY13 appropriation250,000
FY13 estimated percentage7.1%
FY14 projected claims3,627,160
 FY14 projection assumes a 3.5% increase in claims.

Special education circuit breaker (7061-0012)
FY13 estimated net claims308,738,180
FY13 estimated entitlement (75%)233,095,551
FY13 appropriation230,432,288
FY13 estimated payments218,611,111
FY13 estimated percentage70%
FY14 projected net claims328,806,162
FY14 projected entitlement (75%)248,231,342
 Estimates and projections include students reimbursable at 100% rate.
Payments exclude extraordinary relief and other earmarks.
FY14 projection assumes a 6.5% increase in claims.

Charter tuition reimbursement (7061-9010)
FY13 estimated charter tuition353,448,145
FY13 est. reimb. entitlement78,627,923
FY13 appropriation70,554,914
FY13 est. proration for tuition aid85%
FY14 projected charter tuition406,843,512
FY14 proj. reimb. entitlement102,713,679
 FY13 payments include facilities aid and direct state payments at 100%.

If you need any additional information regarding these projections, please contact Deputy Commissioner Jeff Wulfson, or Jay Sullivan and Roger Hatch in the Department's school finance office. Thank you.

Last Updated: April 11, 2013
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