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School Finance: Accounting and Auditing

2015-2016 End of Year Financial Report (including Schedule 19 School Budget - 2016-2017)

School and Municipal Officials
Jay Sullivan, Executive Director, School Finance & District Support
July 5, 2016


We have reached the end of the 2015-2016 school year, and it is again time to begin the work on the End-of-Year Financial Report. Since all districts must file their End of Year Reports (EOYR) on Excel templates, we have included download/upload instructions in your packet. We have also included a manual of directions, a transportation certification and other handouts we hope will be helpful.

The (EOYR) file, the original signature page and all supplementary reports are due to School Business Services by Friday September 30. Completing these reports accurately will require a careful review of all changes and the instructions included with the report. Since school and municipal officials sign and submit these data reports to the Commonwealth under the penalties of perjury, please take care to ensure that the data you submit from your school district is accurate and meets the requirements of the law.

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and I take the accountability requirements of the Education Reform Act seriously. Our ability to assess progress toward reaching the goals to Reform depends on accurate and timely data collection and reporting. We must be able to rely on the data you report in order to administer Chapter 70 and other state and federal funding programs in a timely manner. We are aware of the administrative burdens placed on local districts and are always looking for ways to ease that burden while continuing to get the data we need.

In the past, extensions of the deadline have been granted under limited circumstances. However, our need for this information is urgent. Therefore, I am asking you to upload your file, return your completed certification signature page and other reports by the required September 30 deadline to the address below.

MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
School Business Services
75 Pleasant St.
Malden, MA 02148-4906

If you anticipate or experience problems with timely, accurate completion of your district report, please notify any of the staff listed on the list of contacts included in the PowerPoint presentation.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in providing this very important financial data.

Reporting Responsibilities
School Officials are responsible for ensuring that all reports and schedules are complete and comply with all edit checks provided on the excel file. This includes the reporting of all revenues received by the school committee or the municipality on behalf of the school district and all expenditures from the school committee budget, state or federal funds, revolving accounts or the municipal budget on behalf of the school district.

End of Year Packet
Certification (signature) Page
End of Year Report book
Transportation Certification (for Regional School Districts only)
End of Year Report File Download/Upload instructions
PowerPoint presentation for workshop
Guidance for reporting Revenues and Expenditures for School Construction
Schedule of Depreciation for School Transportation Vehicles
Schedule of Costs Claimed for Leased Buildings and Capital Equipment
Amendment Smart Form instructions
Workshop Evaluation - blue

Municipal Officials are responsible for providing the school district with information and documentation on municipal revenues (including any state aid received from the Massachusetts School Building Authority), expenditures and budget items in support of education, to allow the school district to complete the full report in a timely manner.

K-12 Regional Districts and Member Towns
Municipal Officials
A condensed version of the full report will be provided to the board of selectmen of towns that are members of K-12 regions. Please be aware that state aid that may be due to municipalities for transportation services cannot be calculated unless we receive this report.

School Officials are asked to coordinate the filing of the condensed version of the End of Year Report by each of their member towns. A member community of a K-12 regional school district must report all assessments paid to the regional school district on this separate report and all long-term debt paid directly by the town for school construction. In addition, if a member town pays its own tuition and/or transportation costs to a vocational or other school district, these costs and the corresponding rider information must be reported by the town in order to be eligible for state aid.

Administrative Per Pupil Cost.
Section 10.20 of Regulations for School Finance allows the option of charging and reporting town administrative costs based on the statewide average cost per student of such services. For municipalities and school committees that have agreed to use this method for their budgeting and year-end reporting, the per pupil administrative average cost to be used in FY17 is $111.82. The per pupil administrative average for cost for FY16 was $108.96. This is also posted on the School Finance website.

Last Updated: July 25, 2016
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