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Mathematics Curriculum Framework
Achieving Mathematical Power - January 1996

Next Steps

A Plan for Implementation

Teachers and administrators will need to work together to establish a plan for designing and implementing a new curriculum--including a plan for involving and communicating with families. It will be important to include a time line and a plan for ongoing communication and coordination K-12. In addition, the curriculum should include a plan for program assessment and student assessment.

As we look toward the future, we recognize the need to monitor the progress of this effort, which many districts may find will require more attention, time, and funding than has been devoted to such activities in the past. There are many teachers, schools, and districts in Massachusetts who are already working diligently to bring about the changes called for in this mathematics framework. They know that the effort is arduous and that as soon as one task is accomplished, another one looms ahead. What they also can attest to is that great accomplishments began with taking small steps and building upon them, step-by-step.

Whether a teacher considers one of the guiding principles and tries to develop techniques for open-ended questioning or an administrator forms a curriculum PreK-12 and adult basic education team to research integrated mathematics programs, both have been inspired by the mathematics framework to try something new, perhaps uncharted or maybe only slightly different from what they have been doing, in the way they teach mathematics. That is what this mathematics framework is about--inspiring educators to look again at how they teach mathematics and how students learn mathematics.

Last Updated: January 1, 1996
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