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Science and Technology/Engineering
Curriculum Framework - Spring 2001

Appendix III

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Additional Activities to Enhance the Learning Standards

Earth and Space Science

In this Appendix are additional activities to enhance the learning standards. Activities in regular type are Ideas for Developing Investigations and Learning Experiences, those in italics are Suggested Extensions to Learning in Technology/Engineering.

Grades PreK-2

Standard #1

  • Use a hand lens to observe and describe the components and properties of a sample of soil, e.g., color, texture, presence or absence of clumps, etc. Extend the examination to moist topsoil.
  • For grades 1-2, conduct the experiment above with thoroughly wet soil and sand. Observe again after all of the samples dry over night.

Standard #2

  • Design and build a simple vehicle system that uses an air filled, nonlatex balloon as an engine. Distinguish between naturally occurring and manmade materials on the vehicle. (T/E 1.2, 1.3) Safety note: Grades PreK- students should not be allowed to inflate balloons themselves.
  • Teacher demonstration: Hold a strip of paper in various positions around a fan to determine patterns in air movement. (T/E 1.1, 1.2)

Standard #4

  • Record the temperature outdoors in a sunny location and a shady location. Discuss the reason for the difference in temperature.
  • Grade 2: Do as above on a sunny day and then repeat on a cloudy day at the same times and locations.

Standard #5

  • Observe, record, and discuss seasonal changes as they occur.
  • Design and build a "Rube Goldberg" type of machine that works in a loop, repeating the pattern. (T/E 1.3, 2.1)

Last Updated: May 1, 2001
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