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Science and Technology/Engineering
Curriculum Framework - Spring 2001

Appendix III

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Additional Activities to Enhance the Learning Standards

Life Science (Biology)

In this Appendix are additional activities to enhance the learning standards. Activities in regular type are Ideas for Developing Investigations and Learning Experiences, those in italics are Suggested Extensions to Learning in Technology/Engineering.

Grades 3-5

Standard #2

  • Observe the cross-section of various trees. Determine the age of the tree, and relate the variation in distance between the circles to the variation in climate from year to year.
  • Compare the physical properties of hard and soft woods (density, hardness, knots, etc.) and their use in construction. (T/E 1.1)
  • Use magnifying glasses and/or microscopes to observe plant structures. (T/E 1.2)

Standard #3

  • Follow the complete life cycle of a metamorphic organism such as a frog or a moth. Draw pictures of the frog at various stages of development.
  • Explore through pictures or videos the life cycle of a nonmetamorphic animal.

Standard #5

  • Sort pictures of fish of the same species, notice which traits vary (e.g., color pattern, size) and which do not (e.g., shape, number of fins).

Standard #6

  • Build a human skeleton using found or recycled materials.
  • Compare heads, bodies, and tails of fish. Explain how these adaptations help the fish survive.

Standard #7

  • Discuss the challenges of living in a coastal environment. What stresses do plants and animals need to adapt to?

Standard #9

  • Use a sunflower or tulip and observe the ability of the flower to sense light intensity.
  • Observe plants' responses to stresses in their environment, e.g., changes in salinity levels or flooding amounts in the salt marsh.

Standard #11

  • Compare a coastal food chain to an inland food chain.

Last Updated: May 1, 2001
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