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Science and Technology/Engineering
Curriculum Framework - Spring 2001

Guiding Principle IX

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A coherent science and technology/engineering program requires district-wide planning.

An effective curriculum that addresses the learning standards of this framework needs to be planned as a unitary PreK-12 enterprise. Teachers need to work across grade levels and across schools to ensure that the curriculum is a coherent whole. There needs to be agreement among teachers in different classrooms and at different levels about what is to be taught in given grades. For example, middle school teachers should be able to expect that students coming from different elementary schools within a district share a common set of experiences and understandings in science and technology/engineering, and that the students they send on to high school will be well-prepared for what comes next. In order for this expectation to be met, middle school teachers will need to plan curricula in common with their elementary and high school colleagues and district staff. To facilitate planning, districts will need to provide their staff with adequate planning time and resources.

Last Updated: May 1, 2001
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