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Science and Technology/Engineering
Curriculum Framework - Spring 2001

Physics, Grades 9 or 10

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Additional Ideas for Developing Investigations and Learning Experiences and Suggested Extensions to Learning in Technology/Engineering are in Appendix III.

Motion and Forces

Broad Concept: Newton's laws of motion and gravitation describe and predict the motion of most objects.

1.1 Distinguish between vector quantities (velocity, acceleration, and force) and scalar quantities (speed and mass).
1.2 Illustrate how to represent vectors graphically and be able to add them graphically.
1.3 Distinguish between, and solve problems involving, velocity, speed, and constant acceleration.
1.4 Create and interpret graphs of motion (position vs. time, speed vs. time, velocity vs. time, constant acceleration vs. time).
1.5 Explain the relationship between mass and inertia.*
1.6 Interpret and apply Newton's first law of motion.*
1.7 Interpret and apply Newton's second law of motion to show how an object's motion will change only when a net force is applied.*
1.8 Use a free body force diagram with only co-linear forces to show forces acting on an object, and determine the net force on it.
1.9 Qualitatively distinguish between static and kinetic friction, what they depend on and their effects on the motion of objects.
1.10 Interpret and apply Newton's third law of motion.
1.11 Understand conceptually Newton's law of universal gravitation. *
1.12 Identify appropriate standard international units of measurement for force, mass, distance, speed, acceleration, and time, and explain how they are measured.

Boldface type indicates core standards for full-year courses. An asterisk (*) indicates core standards for integrated courses.

Last Updated: May 1, 2001
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