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Science and Technology/Engineering
Curriculum Framework - Spring 2001

Technology/Engineering, Grades 6-8

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Please note: For grades 6-high school, there are suggested learning activities after each set of learning standards. The numbers in parentheses after each activity refer to the related technology/engineering learning standard(s).

Transportation Technologies

Broad Concept: Transportation technologies are systems and devices that move goods and people from one place to another across or through land, air, water, or space.

6.1 Identify and compare examples of transportation systems and devices that operate on each of the following: land, air, water, and space.
6.2 Given a transportation problem, explain a possible solution using the universal systems model.
6.3 Identify and describe three subsystems of a transportation vehicle or device, i.e., structural, propulsion, guidance, suspension, control, and support.
6.4 Identify and explain lift, drag, friction, thrust, and gravity in a vehicle or device, e.g., cars, boats, airplanes, rockets.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Design a model vehicle (with a safety belt restraint system and crush zones to absorb impact) to carry a raw egg as a passenger. (6.1)
  • Design and construct a magnetic levitation vehicle as used in the monorail system. Discuss the vehicle's benefits and trade-offs. (6.2)
  • Conduct a group discussion of the major technologies in transportation. Divide the class into small groups and discuss how the major technologies might affect future design of a transportation mode. After the group discussions, the students draw a design of a future transportation mode (car, bus, train, plane, etc.). The students present their vehicle design to the class, including a discussion of the subsystems used. (6.1, 6.3)

Last Updated: May 1, 2001
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