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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2016

Academic Support Grant - Collaborative Partnerships for Student Success (CPSS)
Fund Code: 619 (School Year)/592 (Summer)

Purpose: The purpose of this state-funded grant program is the development of Collaborative Partnerships for Student Success that engage eligible students in service-learning (SL) in order to support social and emotional competencies and enhance academic support services so that all students meet and exceed the Competency Determination (CD) standards on their initial taking of the high school English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS. Created and implemented by the school(s)/district(s) and community partners, each community's Collaborative Partnership for Student Success (CPSS) is expected to include the following elements:
  1. Assist students with the transition into the early high school years and serve as a part of a comprehensive intervention plan to help students succeed in high school and beyond;

  2. Increase student (and family) awareness on the purposefulness of their high school experience in relation to future opportunities;

  3. Increase student knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

  4. Increase school district and community partners' ability to provide school year and summer academic support in English language arts, mathematics, and/or science and technology/engineering to students eligible for these services. See the Fund Use section below for class year eligibility and more details; and

  5. Create and implement an SL curriculum, which may or may not include an enhancement of a previous year's CPSS SL program.

Priorities: The Department's theory of action is that if state interventions are concentrated on ensuring that the necessary district systems are in place and are focused on establishing and sustaining the Conditions for School Effectiveness in each school, substantial gains in student performance will result.

The following six of the eleven Conditions for School Effectiveness are most likely to be supported by Academic Support programming (where applicable): Effective district systems for school support and intervention; Aligned curriculum; Effective instruction; Tiered instruction and adequate learning time; Students' social, emotional, and health needs; and Family-school engagement (Conditions I, III, IV, VIII, IX, and X, respectively).
Key Grant Requirements:
  1. Provide eligible students with small group instruction that addresses identified gaps in their acquisition of academic knowledge and skills as informed by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks;

  2. Offer engaging, innovative, and creative SL activities that build core academic knowledge and skills, as well as social and emotional competencies, which will help prepare students to transition successfully into and succeed throughout high school so that they are ready for higher education and careers;

  3. Serve districts and communities whose students (and/or whose families) have challenging needs including, but not limited to, economic hardship, language literacy issues, disabilities, and/or whose students are from families with educational and professional backgrounds that result in them being less familiar with and/or having limited understanding of the effect educational decisions have on future economic, career, and educational opportunities; and

  4. Partner with other schools and community-based organizations that are invested in student success. Note: A partnership with at least one feeder middle school and at least one of the recipient high schools is required if proposing to serve eighth graders during the school year and/or summer.

  5. Narrative Evaluations
    The online Evaluation Guidelines must be used in preparing narrative reports addressing the overall effectiveness of the program (due by September 30, 2016).

  6. Individual Student Data Information
    Student Data Information is required to be submitted through the Department's Security Portal. Data regarding the school year time period (Fund Code: 619) is due by July 29, 2016 and data regarding the summer time period (Fund Code: 592) is due by September 30, 2016.

  7. Professional Development/Training Requirements
    Awarded CPSS SL applicants must gather a team of 3-5 educators who will participate in Department provided training/technical assistance and collaborate to create and/or enhance a SL curriculum to be implemented during the district's CPSS SL program.

    Depending on the final amount of available funding, for ALL awarded CPSS SL applicants there will be some combination of or all of the following:

    • a two-day Get Started with SL training (tentatively early March 2016) for any team members that have not previously attended a two-day or four-day SL training through the Department;
    • a one-day team training/kickoff (for all team members, tentatively the week of March 21st , 2016);
    • up to a half-day in-district technical assistance/planning visit (sometime mid-April - June 2016);
    • up to four hours of virtual technical assistance/office hours; and
    • a one-day reflective practice session (choose one session from two tentatively scheduled the week of August 22nd, 2016).

    Confirmed dates and times for all trainings/sessions will be sent to awarded grantees.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants include those that received funds through the FY15 competition under this fund code. See the Funding section for a list of eligible applicants.
Funding: Total available funds is still to be determined but is estimated to be between $200,000 - $500,000.

Eligible applicants include all FY15 Fund Code 619 and 592 recipients. FY16 funding amounts are expected to be less than amounts initially awarded in FY15 but more than actual amounts awarded after 9c cuts. Exact eligibility amounts will be posted and sent to all eligible entities in late November.
Fund Use:
  1. The majority of funds must be used to extend student learning time for eligible students in English language arts, mathematics, and/or science and technology/engineering by expanding successful programs or initiating new direct services for students.

  2. A maximum of 25 percent of the total amount of funding available to the district may be budgeted for supplies, licenses related to computer software (Part II — Budget line 8 - memberships/subscriptions), and any instructional/non-instructional equipment costing more than $5,000 or having a useful life of less than one year. This maximum percentage allowed refers to the total amount of funds received through the school year (619) plus the summer (592) budgets; it does not apply to the school year budget or the summer budget independently.

  3. A maximum of 15 percent of the total amount of funding may be used for program coordination costs (stipends for program coordinator, bookkeeper, secretary, evaluator, etc.). This maximum percentage allowed is of the total amount of funds received through the school year (619) plus the summer (592) budgets; it does not apply to the school year budget or the summer budget independently. Programs must supplement currently funded local, state, and federal programs at the school, district, or collaborative.

  4. Under no circumstances may students be charged a fee to enroll in or attend the Academic Support Programs. This includes refundable registration fees.

  5. If funds are used to provide services to students who do not meet the eligibility requirements of this grant program or to serve significantly fewer students than proposed, the Department may request the return of such funds or withhold an appropriate amount of funds not yet paid.

Project Duration: Fund Code: 619 — Upon Approval – 6/30/2016
(for school year planning, recruitment activities, and program services)

Fund Code: 592 — 7/1/2016 – 8/31/2016
(for summer program, and next school year planning services if applicable)
Program Unit:Office of Learning Supports and Early Learning (OLSEL)
Contact:OLSEL staff
Phone Number:(781) 338-3010
Date Due:Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Proposals must be received at the Department by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.
Required Forms:
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Fund Code: 619 - (School Year) Part I — General: Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Fund Code: 592 - (Summer) Part I — General: Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download Excel Document
Part II — Budget Workbook - Budget (II-A) and Budget Narrative (II-B)*
(Print and mail with the application all four budget and budget narrative pages. See important opening instructions at the bottom of this section.*)
Note: A separate set of Budget Detail pages must be submitted for Fund Code: 619 (School Year) and Fund Code: 592 (Summer).
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part III — Required Program Information - Application
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
FY16 Academic Support CPSS Grant Assurances Document
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Schedule C — Partner Identification: Statement of Participation and Support
Additional Information:
Submission Instructions:
  1. E-mail one (1) complete set of all required documents, in their original Word or Excel formats (Please do not convert into PDF.), to
    Note: Signatures are not required on the emailed versions.
    Emailed documents must be received by the Department no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15th.

  2. Submit two (2) sets, at least one of which is marked clearly as Original, with original signatures of the lead applicant's District Superintendent/Executive Director on both the Part I and the Assurances documents.

    Applicant may hand-deliver (to the first floor receptionist and call x3010 to notify the arrival of the grant package) or mail to:

    Donna Pisaturo, Grants Specialist
    Office of Learning Supports and Early Learning (OLSEL)
    Massachusetts Department of
    Elementary and Secondary Education
    75 Pleasant Street Malden, MA 02148-4906

Last Updated: October 29, 2015
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