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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2016

Adult Basic Education Professional Development System
Fund Code: 667/343

Purpose:The purpose of this grant program is to establish a coordinated and cohesive system of statewide professional development (PD) entities to provide research-based, high quality and effective PD and support to the Commonwealth's Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE or the Department). All grant-funded PD will assist ABE programs and practitioners in (a) addressing the Department's overarching goal of preparing all ABE students for success in their next steps, within the context of college and career readiness, and (b) supporting WIOA1 priorities.
Priorities: The following priorities have been set for this grant program:
  1. Invest ABE PD resources in content expertise using a statewide provider structure whereby each successful applicant will be responsible for providing statewide leadership, PD, and ongoing support for one or more of the PD priority areas identified in this request for proposals (RFP);

  2. Strengthen curriculum and instruction at ESE-funded ABE programs in full alignment with the College and Career Readiness standards for adult education (the CCR standards) with an emphasis on increased academic rigor and expertise;

  3. Strengthen ABE educator effectiveness by providing a range of PD offerings and supports of sufficient quality, intensity, and duration in order to increase educators' professional learning and improve educator practice;

  4. Strengthen education and career advising to support college and career readiness for all students;

  5. Develop and support educational leadership within ESE-funded ABE programs in order to build capacity of administrators to effectively lead their staff and manage their programs to fully implement the rigorous CCR; and

  6. Provide technical assistance to ESE-funded ABE programs, including targeted intervention for underperforming programs referred by the Department, in order to improve student performance and achieve state and local ABE program goals.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are the five institutions that received Adult Basic Education Professional Development System grants in FY2015.
Funding:The total allocation for this grant program is $2,140,000 as follows:
  1. Bristol Community College - $160,000 (fund code 667 - state)
  2. Holyoke Community College - $160,000 (fund code 343 - federal)
  3. Quinsigamond Community College - $1,068,850 (fund code 667 - state)
  4. Quinsigamond Community College - $241,150 (fund code 343 - federal)
  5. Technical Education Research Centers - $350,000 (fund code 667 - state)
  6. World Education - $160,000 (fund code 667 - state)
Fund Use: Grant funds may be used for personnel and non-personnel expenses relevant to the purpose and priorities of this grant program. Specifically, grant funds may support the following:

  • development of a comprehensive and coherent PD program
  • development of professional standards (i.e., English Language Arts, Math and Numeracy)
Support to Programs and Practitioners
  • delivery of PD offerings and provision of follow-up by content experts
  • training of prospective trainers
  • teacher observation and feedback
  • identification, integration, and sharing of relevant research and resources
  • provision of targeted intervention for underperforming ABE programs
  • support for ESE-funded ABE Distance Learning (DL) programs, practitioners, and adult learners
  • certification and recertification in test administration and scoring
  • provision of other technical assistance (e.g., curriculum development and implementation, pedagogy, educational leadership, continuous program improvement, new staff orientation, ABE licensure, education and career advising, adult career pathways, technology integration and use of DL modalities, summative and formative assessments, use of SMARTT and Cognos1)
Administration and Accountability
  • coordination and management of all PD activities and overall PD program
  • hiring, supervision, and evaluation of staff and consultants
  • training and support for staff and consultants
  • assessment of practitioner PD needs and analysis of results
  • data entry and analysis for all PD offerings
  • evaluating the effectiveness and impact of PD initiatives and activities
  • promotion and marketing of PD activities
  • participation in required statewide PD system meetings
  • participation in required ESE-sponsored events and meetings
  • submission of required reports

Grant funds may be allocated as follows: salary and fringe benefits for staff; compensation for consultant experts, including mentors or coaches; ABE PD travel expenses including transportation, conference registrations, and lodging; relevant PD materials and supplies, including computer software and upgrades necessary to support the DL requirements and access to technology lab required of all providers; and other reasonable costs associated with project planning and implementation. Applicants are not permitted to use grant funds for capital expenses.

Grant funds may cover indirect costs. Entities with a federal indirect cost rate may apply annually to DESE for a maximum eight percent (8%) indirect cost rate using the current DESE Indirect Cost Rate Application available at Essential Information page. Any entity that does not have a current federal indirect cost rate may apply annually to DESE for a maximum five percent (5%) indirect cost rate using the aforementioned application and link.

Project Duration: 7/1/2015 - 6 /30/2016 (State Funds - Fund Code: 667)

9/1/2015 - 8/31/2016 (Federal Funds - Fund Code: 343)
Program Unit: Adult and Community Learning Services (ACLS)
Contact:Joan LeMarbre
Date Due:Fund Code: 667       Friday, June 19, 2015
Fund Code: 343       Friday, July 31, 2015

Proposals must be received at the Department no later than 3:00 p.m. on the date due.
Required Forms:
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part I - General Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants (signature page), with original signature
  Download Excel Document
Part II - Project Expenditures - Detail Information (budget detail pages)
Budget narrative, designed by applicant, that provides an explanation for each proposed project expenditure listed in Part II Project Expenditures - Detail Information
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part III - Required Program Information
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
FY 2016 Statement of Assurances for the Adult Basic Education Professional Development System grant program, with original signatures
Proposal Submission Instructions: Submit three (3) sets, with an original signature of the President, Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer in blue ink on one set.

All submissions must be in hard copy. Applicants who deliver proposals in person or by courier should be sure to request a receipt. Mailed proposals should be sent by Certified, Registered or Return Receipt Requested mail.
Required Program Information:Applicants must limit their narrative response to Part III - Required Program Information to no more than five (5) pages per PD priority area.
  • Bristol Community College - Massachusetts ABE Assessments PD priority area
  • Holyoke Community College - English for Speakers of Other Languages and Using SMARTT and Cognos PD priority areas
  • Quinsigamond Community College - English Language Arts, Educational Leadership and Strengthening ABE Programs, and ABE Distance Learning and Technology Support PD priority areas
  • Technical Education Research Centers - Mathematics and Adult Numeracy PD priority area
  • World Education - Education and Career Planning PD priority area
Narrative response should be single-spaced with Arial 10-point font and 1" margins.


Last Updated: June 5, 2015
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