Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2016

Fund Code: 335
Safe and Supportive Schools Grant - Competitive

Funds Allocated:$400,000 (State)
Funds Requested:$1,711,241
Purpose: The purpose of the competitive state-funded Safe and Supportive Schools Grant is to provide funding to schools and districts to develop action plans that organize, integrate, and sustain school and district-wide efforts to create safe and supportive school environments and coordinate and align student support initiatives.
Number of Proposals Received:73
Number of Proposals Recommended:10
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:63
Result of Funding: This grant will support more than 40 schools in 10 districts in developing safe and supportive school action plans based on the Behavioral Health in Public School (BHPS) Framework and Self-Assessment Tool. These funds will help each school with efforts to create a safe school environment and make effective use of a system for addressing the social, emotional, and health needs of its students. Grant awards range from $7,950 to $154,890.

Barnstable Public Schools$23,160
Boston Public Schools154,890
Brimfield Elementary School District7,950
Framingham Public Schools20,000
Holyoke Public Schools70,000
Newburyport Public Schools20,000
Northampton Public Schools20,000
Quaboag Regional School District24,000
Reading Public Schools10,000
Triton Regional School District50,000
Total State Funds$400,000