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Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2016

Fund Code: 647-B1
Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Supporting Additional Learning Time (ELT and OST)

Funds Allocated:$3,057,304 Federal
Funds Requested:$9,219,410
Purpose: The purpose of this competitive grant program is to support the planning and implementation of additional time for learning for students in grades K-12. Supported with federal funds, these opportunities will help to close proficiency gaps, increase student engagement, and support college and career readiness and success. Funded activities will take place during a longer school day (referred to as Expanded Learning Time or ELT) or during out-of-school time (OST), and include:
  • Using more time to implement service-learning and other project-based teaching and learning strategies that are multi-disciplinary and support core subject areas.
  • Using more time to provide additional opportunities for creative and innovative enrichment that support students in all developmental areas (academic, social/emotional, civic engagement, wellness, etc.).
  • Using more time to provide additional opportunities for adults (including school staff, program providers and partners) to participate in collaborative planning and professional development that supports desired student outcomes.
  • Building strong school-community partnerships and engaging families to support student outcomes in all developmental areas (academic, social/emotional, civic engagement, wellness, etc.).
  • Creating sustainable models for providing additional quality learning time.

Funding priority was given to applicants that:
  • Propose to serve youth in schools/communities with higher percentages of families with low income, as indicated at the Department's School and District profiles pages.
  • Propose to implement more time in a school or in partnership with a school designated as Level 3, 4, or 5 under Massachusetts' District and School Accountability and Assistance System.
  • Submit this application in full partnership that includes a school district, and a community-based organization(s) or other public or private entity(ies).
  • Have not received 21st CCLC funding within at least the past three years - fiscal years (FY13-FY15).

Funding priority was also given to applicants proposing ELT that:
  • Propose to add time at a middle school.
  • Propose to implement an expanded school calendar.
  • Propose to implement a blended learning educational model.
  • Propose to implement a teacher career ladder model.
Number of Proposals Received:ELT: 8 (for 10 schools)
OST: 39 (for 44 schools/sites)
Number of Proposals Recommended:ELT: 5 (for 5 schools)
OST: 12 (for 12 schools/sites)
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:ELT: 4 (for 6 schools)
OST: 27 (for 32 schools/sites)
Result of Funding: This funding will support 13 districts/agencies to implement ELT and/or OST programs and activities at 17 schools/sites. This programming will provide students with additional engaging core content instruction, project-based and or service-learning experiences, and opportunities for academic enrichment. In addition, funds will support training, planning and professional development for adults to make better use of time with students and maximize student outcomes. These programs will also engage with various community partners to support students' learning, and social/emotional and physical development. Approximately 4,500 students will benefit from programs and services supported through this funding. Grant awards range from $140,000 to $527,000.

Boston Public Schools (Thomas Kenny K-5 [OST-$140,000], Boston International High School [ELT - $175,000-FY16; $190,500-FY17-FY18)$315,000
Brockton Public Schools (Baker Elementary School [OST-$140,000], Raymond K-8 [ELT-$387,000])527,000
Community Day Care of Lawrence, Inc. (Alexander B. Bruce School [OST])140,000
Fall River Public Schools (Letourneau Elementary School [ELT])285,500
Framingham Public Schools (Fuller Middle School [OST])140,000
Holyoke Public Schools ( Holyoke High School)140,000
Leominster Public Schools (Samoset Middle School [OST])140,000
New Bedford Public Schools (Hannigan Elementary School [OST-$120,804], Gomes Elementary School [ELT-$267,500])388,304
North Adams Public Schools (Colegrove Park Elementary School [OST])140,000
Salem Public Schools (Bates Elementary School [OST-$140,000], Bowditch K-8 [ELT-$281,500])421,500
South Shore Stars (JFK Elementary School, Randolph [OST])140,000
The Collaborative for Educational Services (Sheffield Elementary School, Grades 2-5 [OST])140,000
YWCA Malden (Ferryway School, Grades 6-8 [OST])140,000
Total Federal Funds$3,057,304

Last Updated: November 12, 2015
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