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Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2016

Fund Code: 647-B2
Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Exemplary Programs Grant

Funds Allocated:$3,710,703 (Federal)
Funds Requested:$5,369,452
Purpose: The purpose of this federally-funded Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers Exemplary Programs grant is to expand and enhance a statewide network of high quality 21st Century Community Learning Centers that:
  • Support additional learning time for students in grades K-12 before and/or after school and during the summer that provides creative and engaging academic enrichment opportunities that will help to close proficiency gaps, increase student engagement, and support college and career readiness and success.

  • Serve as mentors, models and resources for other programs across the Commonwealth.

Note: Grants were submitted and awarded in three categories based on the level of experience, funding, and expectations. The categories were Promising (Prom.), Practitioner (Prac.); and Demonstration (Dem.).
Number of Proposals Received:34 Applicants / 72 sites (39 Prom.; 19 Prac.; 14 Dem.)
Number of Proposals Recommended:27 Applicants / 51 sites (28 Prom.; 13 Prac.; 10 Dem.)
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:14 Applicants /21 sites (11 Prom.; 6 Prac.; 4 Dem.)
Result of Funding: This funding will support districts/agencies to implement out-of-school time (OST) programs and activities at 51 schools/sites. This programming will provide students with engaging core content instruction, project-based and/or service-learning experiences, and opportunities for academic enrichment. In addition, the funded sites will serve as mentors, models, and resources for other programs across the Commonwealth. These programs will also engage with various community partners to support students' learning, as well social/emotional and physical development. Pending appropriation and meeting annual grant requirements, all grantees will be eligible for continuation funding in FY17 and FY18. The Promising Sites will also have continuation funding in FY19, and have a prorated amount for FY16 because their start dates will be January 2016 (all others will be September 2015). Approximately 4,500 students will benefit from programs and services supported through this funding. Grant awards range from $50,000 to $424,357.

Berkshire Hills Regional School District - Muddybrook Elem. and Monument Valley MS (Prom.) (FY17 $224,400)$149,600
Boston Public Schools - Hennigan Elem. and English HS (Prom.) (FY16 $149,600/FY17 $224,400) /Gardener Pilot School (Dem.) ($50,000)199,600
Boston Day and Evening Academy (Prom.) (FY17 $138,076)92,050
Brockton Public Schools - Arnone and George Elem. (Prom.) (FY17 $149,600)126,933
Collaborative for Educational Services - Memorial Elem.- West Springfield, and Greenfield HS (Prom.) (FY16 $126,933 / FY17 $149,600) / Pepin and Maple Elem.- Easthampton (Prac.) ($166,175) / Converse MS- Palmer (Dem.) ($60,070)353,178
Community Day Lawrence - Wetherbee Elementary grades 2-8 and Community Day Arlington Elem. (Prac.)162,563
East End House- Cambridge - Primarily with Kennedy-Longfellow (Prac.)108,375
Everett Public Schools - Parlin, English, and Lafayette Elem. (Prom.) (FY16 $190,400 / FY17 $285,600 / Whittier Elem (Prac.) ($90,313)280,713
Fall River Public Schools - William Greene Elem. (Dem.)50,000
Fitchburg Public Schools - Crocker Elem. (Prac.)106,569
Haverhill Public Schools - Golden Hill, Tilton and Consentino K-4 (Prom.) (FY16 $189,804 / FY17 $284,707) / Consentino MS (Dem.) ($50,000)$239,804
Holyoke Public Schools - Donahue Elem. (Prom.) (FY16 $74,800/FY17 $112,200 / Morgan Elem. (Prac.) $108,303183,103
Lawrence Public Schools - Parthum Elem. (Prom.) (FY17 $95,198)63,466
Lowell Public Schools - Greenhalge and Shaughnessy Elem. and Stoklosa MS (Prom.) (FY16 $190,400/FY17 $285,600) / Morey Elem. and Robinson MS (Prac.) ($233,957)424,357
Malden Public Schools - Salemwood K-8 and Forestdale Elem. (Prom.) (FY16 $126,846/FY17 $190,268 / Forestdale MS (Dem.) ($50,000)176,846
Methuen Public Schools - Tenney and Timony Elem. (Prac.)162,563
New Bedford Public Schools - Gomes Elem. and Normandin MS (Prom.) (FY 17 $169,496)112,998
North Adams Public Schools - Brayton Elem. (Dem.)63,490
North Brookfield Youth Center - North Brookfield Elem. (Dem.)50,000
Pittsfield Public Schools - Reid MS (Prom.) (FY17 $142,800)95,200
Salem Public Schools - Bowditch MS (Prom.) (FY17 $142,800)95,200
South Shore STARS- Weymouth - Chapman MS (Prom.) (FY17 $142,800)95,200
Springfield Public Schools - Alfred G Zanetti (Dem.)50,000
Taunton Public Schools - Alternative HS (Prom.) (FY17 $142,800)95,200
Triton Regional School District- Byfield - Salisbury Elem. (Dem.)50,000
Wareham Public Schools - Minot Forest Elem. grades 3-4 (Dem.) 50,000
Woburn Boys and Girls Club - Shamrock Elem. (Prac.)73,695
Total Federal Funds$3,710,703

Last Updated: August 5, 2015
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