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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2017

Title III: English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement Program for Limited English Proficient Students
Fund Code: 184

Purpose: To create supplemental summer programs and activities in districts with a currently approved Title III grant.
Priorities: Priorities and required activities of formula grants are to:
  • increase English proficiency and academic achievement in core academic subjects of English language learners by providing high-quality language instruction programs and content area teaching; and
  • develop, implement, and provide extended day, weekend, and summer opportunities for English language and academic content instruction for ELL students; and
  • provide high-quality professional development such as that which would enhance the skills and knowledge of classroom teachers to deliver effective sheltered content and English language instruction. Examples of high-quality professional development that districts may use Title III funding for include the following:
    • World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) trainings, except for training related to the WIDA W-APT assessment, the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs, or alternative ACCESS for ELLs,
    • SEI "Extending the Learning" trainings including courses for literacy and math coaches, ESL Leadership courses, and other trainings that extend the learning of SEI to teachers or administrators who have taken the SEI Endorsement courses.

The Title III formula grant programs may also support the implementation of the Massachusetts District Standards and Indicators, and the state's high priority strategies for increasing student achievement. The Title III program may be used, consistent with supplement, not supplant requirements, in support of the following district standards, indicators and, state priorities:

District StandardsIndicatorsPossible Title III Fund Use Strategy
Leadership and governance
  • District and school improvement planning
  • Effective district systems of support for school support and intervention
  • If applicable, AMAO improvement planning
Curriculum and instruction
  • Strong instructional leadership and effective instruction
  • Sufficient instructional time
  • Supplemental coaches.
  • Title III Director leadership PD.
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Data review of effectiveness of Title III supplemental programming
Human resources and professional development
  • Professional development
  • Professional development that meets the Title III definition
Student support
  • Academic support
  • Services and partnerships to support learning
  • Supplemental extended day, Saturday, and summer school programs
  • Parent engagement and involvement per Title III definitions
  • Community partnerships for supplemental activities

See link to Title III - Required and Authorized Activities under "Additional Information" below for required and authorized activities for formula subgrants.

Eligibility: Districts and consortia with a current, approved FY16 Title III grant are considered for this grant opportunity Funds will be awarded by formula.
Funding: An estimated $292,831 will be available for grants to eligible entities. The grants will be awarded using a formula based on number of ELs reported in March 2016 SIMS and the number of districts applying. Only those districts with an allocation of more than $500, after applying the formula, are considered eligible to apply.
Fund Use: Title III formula grants have specific required and authorized activities. The required and authorized activities for the 184 grant are the same as for the 180 grant with the following exception: for this supplemental summer grant, awards of $3,000 and more may be used to fund two of the three required activities (parent engagement, instruction of ELs, professional development). Awards of less than $3,000 may be used to fund only one of the required activities, and awards of less than $1,000 may be used to fund supplies/materials only, as long as they are supplemental. Grant applications that will fund a required activity will be limited to the regular 10% cap on supplies and materials. See Title III - Required and Authorized Activities Download PDF Document  Download Word Document. Additionally, all Title III funds must be used so as to supplement the level of local, state, and federal funds that, in the absence of Title III funds, would otherwise be expended for programs for EL children and immigrant children and youth, and in no case supplant such federal, state, and local funds. Up to 15% of the total Title III allocation may be used for the support of activities, including administration (maximum 2%), supplies and materials (limited to 10%), and professional development-related travel.

Important: Please note that districts may not use Title III funds to support or provide either the SEI Teacher or SEI Administrator Endorsement course because doing so would violate the federal "supplement, not supplant" requirement. Under this provision, recipients may not use Title III funds to pay for services that are required under Federal, State or local laws. These courses are a pathway to the SEI Endorsement, which is mandated under state regulations for all core academic teachers with at least one EL and for principals/assistant principals and supervisors/directors who supervise or evaluate core academic teachers with ELs.
Project Duration: Upon approval - 9/30/2016
Program Unit: Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement
Contact: Melanie Manares or
Beth O'Connell eo'
Phone Number: Melanie Manares (781) 338-3573 or
Beth O'Connell (781) 338-3571
Date Due: Friday July 8, 2016
Proposals must be received at the Department by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.
Required Forms:
Download Excel Document
Budget Workbook (including Budget Detail - Description of Line Item Information and Cover Sheet with Superintendent's signature)
Short narrative describing the intended use of the funds.
Additional Information:
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Title III — Required and Authorized Activities
Download PDF Document  Download Excel Document
Title III Attachment 1 — List of Eligible School Districts and Consortia
Submission Instructions: Districts must submit a proposed budget workbook as well as a short narrative describing the intended use of the funds no later than, Friday July 8, 2016 via the district's Title III Dropbox in the security portal. The budget workbook should be labeled FY17_Budget_184_[LEA Code].xls and the narrative should be labeled FY17_Narrative 184_[LEA Code]. Signed signature page (cover sheet from the workbook) with the signature of the Superintendent/Executive Director should be uploaded once the Title III reviewer has informed the district that the grant is approvable.

Last Updated: July 1, 2016
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