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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2017

Safe and Supportive Schools Grant - Competitive
Fund Code: 335

Purpose: The purpose of this competitive grant program is to provide funding to districts (and their selected schools) to develop action plans that organize, integrate, and sustain school and district-wide efforts to create safe and supportive school environments and coordinate and align student support initiatives. Schools and districts shall create action plans based on all the elements of the safe and supportive schools framework and the self-assessment tool, currently referred to as the Behavioral Health and Public School (BHPS) Framework and Self-Assessment Tool, created by the BHPS Taskforce and Department of Elementary Secondary Education (Department), pursuant to Section 19 of Chapter 321 of the Acts of 2008.

Most specifically, this work is intended to help districts ensure that each school creates a safe, positive, healthy and inclusive whole-school learning environment and makes effective use of a system for integrating services and aligning initiatives that promote students' behavioral health, including social and emotional learning, bullying prevention, trauma sensitivity, dropout prevention, truancy reduction, children's mental health, foster care and homeless youth education, inclusion of students with disabilities, positive behavioral approaches that reduce suspensions and expulsions, and other similar initiatives.

Schools that receive funding (through their district) under this grant program will convene a school team, respond to the questions in the Self-Assessment Tool for schools (Tool), determine areas to prioritize for improvements, finalize an action plan, implement the action plan, and assess progress regarding the action plan.

The Framework shall provide guidance and support to schools to assist with the creation of safe and supportive schools that improve education outcomes for all students.

Priorities: The priority of this grant program is for school and district teams to create school action plans based on all the elements of the Framework and Tool, and for districts to create district plans that support recipient schools.

The action plans shall address all of the six sections of the Framework:
  1. Leadership
  2. Professional Development
  3. Access to Resources and Services
  4. Academic and Non-Academic Activities
  5. School Policies, Procedures, and Protocols
  6. Collaboration with Families
All districts with interested schools are encouraged to apply. The Department reserves the right to consider factors such as geographic distribution and the number of recipient schools per district, in making final award decisions, and competitive priority will be given to districts participating in the Department's Rethinking Discipline Professional Learning Network (first convening on October 28, 2016). Additionally, if all available funding is not awarded, the Department reserves the right to reallocate the available balance of funds through increases to interested grant recipients.

Eligibility: Districts throughout the Commonwealth are eligible to apply. Applicants must propose one or more of their schools for the focus of this work.
Funding: Each applicant district may apply for up to $10,000 per participating school to create school and district action plans (e.g., if a district proposes two participating schools, the district may apply for up to $20,000).

A total of approximately $260,000 is available for this initiative (for all grant recipients combined).

Fund Use: Grant funds may be used for teacher stipends, consultants, substitutes, and materials to be used in the development of school and district action plans for recipient schools.

These funds must be used to develop action plans that incorporate all six elements of the Framework.

See Project Duration section below for more details on fund use.

Project Duration: Upon Approval - 8/31/2017

Note: Grantees are expected to use the Self-Assessment Tool and create and submit action plans to the Department during the school year (before June 30, 2017). Once action plans are submitted, grantees may request to use the balance of available funds for implementation. Recipient schools/districts may have the opportunity to use unexpended funds from July 1-August 31, 2017, however grantees will need to have developed action plans and submitted them to the Department by June 30, 2017. No more than 20% of the total amount of a grantee's funding can be used during that July-August period. All requests to spend a portion of funds during July-August must be received through a decrease amendment form by March 31, 2017. More details will be provided to all grantees.

Program Unit:Office of Student and Family Support
Contact:Stacy Diaz
Phone Number:(781) 338-3225
Date Due: Intents to Apply due Friday, September 23, 2016.

Full Proposals due Friday, September 30, 2016.

See Submission Instructions Section below for more details.

Required Forms:
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part I — General — Program Unit Signature Page — (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download Excel Document
Part II Workbook — Budget (II-A) and Budget Narrative (II-B)*
(Print and mail with the application all four budget and budget narrative pages. See important opening instructions below.)
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part III — Required Program Information
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Fiscal Year 2016-2017 (FY17) Grant Assurances page

*Note: The Budget and Budget Narrative Workbook is a Microsoft Excel file which includes macros that enable the workbook to compute totals and summary tables.

  1. For Microsoft Office 2000/2003, you may need to change the security setting in Excel before opening the file. In Excel, click 'Tools', 'Macro', and then 'Security'. When the dialog box appears, change the security setting to 'Medium' and then click 'OK'. You can now open the budget file.

  2. For Microsoft Office 2007, you must save the workbook as an earlier version of Excel (.xls not .xlsx).

Additional Information:
  1. Budget Detail — Description of Line Item Information

  2. Questions and Information Sessions/Webinars: Due to the competitive nature of this grant program, questions about the Funding Opportunity documents and process will be addressed during Grant Information Sessions and Webinars. Questions may be emailed in advance of these sessions to: (with FC 335 in the subject line), or can be asking during the sessions. Please see registration page for information about session dates and times and to register to participate.

  3. Grantees will be required to participate in the evaluation process for this grant program. The evaluation process will be conducted during the 2016-2017 school year and summer of 2017.

  4. (BHPS) Framework and Self-Assessment Tool - Note that any interested school can request a username and password via Anyone interested in browsing the tool can use TEST1 as the username and password (TEST2 or TEST3 or TEST4 or TEST5 also works - just use the same number for both the username and password). The Department will provide training in using this tool to all awarded grantees. A link to the Framework and Tool can also be found on the Department's Safe and Supportive Schools web page.

  5. Download Word Document The BHPS Task Force Final Report

  6. Safe and Supportive Schools Commission website and definition of Safe and Supportive Schools

Submission Instructions:
  1. Intent to Apply Due September 23, 2016
    Applicants must email to an Intent to Apply. Only the following information is requested:

    • Applicant district
    • Names of school(s) participating in the proposal

    Submitting the Intent to Apply is required in order to receive instructions on submitting the full proposal (and helps the Department plan for the grant review).

  2. Full Proposal Due September 30, 2016
    The full proposal (with all documents noted in the Required Forms section above) will be due September 30, 2016. The Department plans to implement an on-line submission process for this grant. As noted above, specific submission instructions will be sent by the Department to all that email Intents to Apply.

Last Updated: September 9, 2016
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