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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2017

Quality Enhancements in After-School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST-Q)
Fund Code: 530

Purpose: The goal of this state funded grant program is to enhance out-of-school time (OST*) programs and services to improve the academic, physical, social, and emotional wellness of public and non-public school-age youth during the school year and the summer months.

*OST refers to after-school and out-of-school time programming (including vacations, weekends, before-school, and summer).
Priorities: The main priorities for this grant are to improve the quality of OST programs and services by supporting:
  • Activities that enhance one or more of the quality criteria areas outlined in the Guidelines for Quality Enhancements in After-School and Out-of-School Time — found below in the Additional Information section. These criteria provide a framework for balanced, quality programming that supports the academic, physical, social, and emotional development of participants. (Category A - Quality Enhancements)

  • Regional and statewide professional development (PD), which includes networking opportunities, for OST providers. (Category B - Regional or Statewide PD)

  • Partnerships to develop, pilot, and document high-quality service-learning (SL) curricula that will help to decrease summer learning loss, increase students' social and emotional learning Download PDF Document  Download Word Document competencies and increase their understanding of academic skills and concepts. (Category C - SL Curriculum Development)

Eligibility: Massachusetts public school districts, non-public schools, and public and private community-based organizations with existing OST programs are eligible to apply for funding. Additional eligibility parameters apply to each category, as noted below in the Key Grant Requirements section.

Please Note: All applicants other than public school districts, cities or towns must demonstrate the capacity to administer through:
  • Proven fiscal responsibility as demonstrated, for example, through an annual audit; and
  • Previous experience with similar amounts of funding from government (state/federal/local), foundation, or private grants.
Key Grant Requirements:

Throughout the duration of the grant, the following are required of all recipients of the respective category:

Category A: Quality Enhancements
These funds must be used to support quality enhancements to existing OST programming and/or to add a summer program to an existing school-year design.

  • Implement program quality enhancements that support identified needs or gaps in program services.
  • Implement Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Department)-required program evaluation tools to be used to support continuous program improvement.
  • Submit required grant reporting. (Details will be provided to all grant recipients.)

Category B: Regional or Statewide PD (including networking opportunities)
Applicants must demonstrate experience in providing professional development opportunities, particularly for OST providers, and a willingness to provide high quality professional development that is aligned to the Department's standards for professional development.

  • Provide PD that includes networking opportunities to meet identified needs of the OST field, particularly those receiving ASOST-Q, Category A funding.
  • Review the needs of ASOST-Q grantees, finalize PD offerings, and provide the Department with a schedule and registration information. The Department will distribute to ASOST-Q grantees and other OST providers (as appropriate).
  • Submit required grant reporting, including attendance lists and session evaluation summaries. (Department will provide details to all awarded grantees.)

Category C: SL Curriculum Development
Applicants must demonstrate expertise and experience developing and implementing curricula with youth, and apply in partnership with an existing summer program in which to pilot the developed curricula. Applicants that are not a school district must also demonstrate a partnership with the district and/or school(s) that the students served in the program attend; including the involvement of at least one school/district educator with expertise in the content-area(s) to be addressed through the SL curriculum.

Important Note: Applicants selected for funding in this category will spend significant time writing and planning a new curriculum, with the support of the Department and its partners.

  • Identify a team, including representatives from the participating OST site(s) and other partners which will participate in required training, and develop, implement and document the SL curriculum.
  • Participate as a team in all required Department-sponsored PD.
  • Implement the developed SL curriculum with youth for a minimum of 25 hours over a minimum of 4 weeks during the summer. This program can be implemented as a component of an existing summer program. (Programs are encouraged to dedicate additional time as appropriate.)
  • Work with the Department to document and submit curriculum materials developed to serve as examples for other summer programs.
  • Submit other required grant reporting information. (Department will provide details to all awarded grantees.)

See Required Program Information and Addendum A — Grant Overview and Assurances in the Required Forms section below for additional details and requirements.


Approximately $1,970,000 is projected to be available for these grants. The final total amount available is subject to the state budget appropriation.

Approximate percentage of available funds to be allocated to each category is indicated in parentheses below.

An entity may submit one application under only ONE of the following categories for:

  • Category A: Quality Enhancements — up to $20,000 to support program quality enhancements (during the school year and/or summer) at one or more existing OST sites. (~75-80%)
  • Category B: Regional or Statewide PD (including networking opportunities) — up to $20,000 to support professional development, which includes networking opportunities, for OST providers. (~5%)
  • Category C: SL Curriculum Development — up to $35,000 (for both school year and summer) to support the development, piloting and documentation of SL curricula at an existing summer program site. Note: Applicants in this category must budget $7,500 of the grant request to cover the required Department-sponsored professional development and curriculum documentation. (~15-20%)

Note: Should additional funds become available as a result of unclaimed or returned grant awards, the Department may redistribute those funds in an equitable manner among other awarded grantees.

Fund Use: Funds must be used to support activities that enhance programs and services as outlined in this Funding Opportunity RFP.

Budget expenditures may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Staff and coordinator salaries;
  • Professional development (PD) activities that meet Massachusetts Standards  Download Word Document for PD;
  • Stipends for professionals and students** involved in the delivery of services;
  • Activities to promote family engagement;
  • Additional costs associated with serving students with disabilities and/or students who are English language learners (ELL);***
  • Program materials and supplies; and
  • Transportation. (Please note: vehicles may not be purchased with these funds.)

General notes on fund use (applicable to applicants in all categories):

  • Funds from this grant may not be used to support tuition for individual participants;
  • Funds may be used to support costs associated with additional high quality staff to enable more youth to be served in the program;
  • Programs that are participating in the MA Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) may request funds to support elements of their Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQIP).
  • Not more that 15% of total funds requested may be used to support program administrative costs (e.g., program director, bookkeeping, secretarial, etc.); and
  • Indirect costs are not allowable.

Additional notes for Category A — Quality Enhancements:

  • Enhancement activities supported by these funds may include, but are not limited to:

    • Academic tutoring and homework centers where content is linked to and based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks;
    • Programs that improve the health of students, including physical activities, athletics, nutrition and health education, and exercise;
    • Art, theater, and music programs developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), local cultural councils, or cultural organizations in the Commonwealth funded by the MCC;
    • Enrichment activities not otherwise provided during the school day;
    • Advanced study for the gifted and talented; and
    • Service-learning or community service programs.

Additional notes for Category C — SL Curriculum Development:

  • All applicants must budget $7,500 ($5,000 school year / $2,500 summer) in the grant request to support PD provided by the Department and its partners. These funds will support the required PD/support provided by the Department and its partners (specific dates are still being confirmed and will be sent to all grantees upon award). Please see the Category C section of Part III — Required Program Information in the Required Forms section below for more information.

    The required $7,500 is pre-populated under Contractual Services (Line 5) in the budget pages for this grant. Please do not remove or change the amounts — awarded grantees will pay these funds directly to Harkins Consulting, LLC (formerly KIDS Consortium). Applicants may add additional items to Line 5 as appropriate.

    Category C applicants are expected to budget additional funds, as needed, to support other costs, associated with this required PD (e.g. stipends for planning, substitutes, travel, etc), as well as for additional planning/curriculum writing time, and training of staff.

**Students may not be paid for participating in OST programs.
***Expenditures for serving students with disabilities and/or ELL students may include additional staff and specialized training/technical assistance.

Project Duration: School Year: Upon approval (no sooner than 9/30/2016) - 6/30/2017
Summer: 7/01/2017 - 8/31/2017

Pending budget appropriation, continuation of funding will be available for a total grant period of two (2) years (FY17-FY18). Continuation funding in FY18 is contingent upon implementation of grant-required activities during FY17 and submission of required reporting and continuation applications.

Please note that FY17 awardees, pending state budget appropriation for FY18, will:

  • Category A: have the opportunity to propose new enhancements to the same site in FY18, based on needs identified through program evaluation activities.

  • Category B: have the opportunity to propose new PD offerings based on identified needs of the other ASOST-Q grantees.

  • Category C: have the opportunity to refine and implement again the curriculum developed in FY17, as well as to develop and pilot a new SL curriculum on a newly identified topic to be implemented during the summer of FY18.

Program Unit: Office of Student and Family Support
Contacts: Allison Smith
Donna Pisaturo
Kristen McKinnon
Phone Number: 781-338-3010
Intent to Apply: Due: Friday, August 5, 2016

Applicants should use this link to submit to an Intent to Apply: The following information is requested:

  • Applicant
  • Partner (if applicable, for Category C)
  • School(s)/Site(s) to be included in the proposal
  • Category under which you intend to apply

Submitting the intent to apply is encouraged but not required. The intent will allow the Department to have a sense of the number of applications that will be received in order to prepare for the grant review process. Submission of the intent to apply does not obligate an organization to actually apply.

Date Due: Friday, August 19, 2016 (emailed and postmarked)

See the Submission Instructions section below for additional details.

Required Documents:
Download Excel Document
[For Category A and B] Part I / Part II — General Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants) / Budget Workbook
Download Excel Document
[For Category C] Part I / Part II — General Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants) / Budget Workbook
Note: Applicants must submit a separate signature page and budget/budget narrative for both school year (upon approval - 6/30/2017) and summer (7/1/2017 - 8/31/2017) activities/expenditures; all of which can be found in the Part I / Part II document.
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Part III — Required Program Information
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Addendum A — Grant Overview and Assurances
Additional Information:
Download Word Document
Guidelines for Quality Enhancements in After-School and Out-of-School Time Programs
Questions and Information Sessions/Webinars: Due to the competitive nature of this grant program, all questions about the Funding Opportunity documents and process will be addressed during Grant Information Sessions and Webinars. Questions may be emailed in advance of these sessions to (with the subject: FC 530 Question) or asked during the session(s). Please see this registration page for information about session dates and times, and to register to participate.
View HTML Page
PART II — Project Expenditures — Detail Information: Provides guidance for completing the required budget workbook.
Download PDF Document  Download Word Document
Funding Priorities and Alignment Feedback Survey Results: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) solicited feedback about possible focus areas and priorities for anticipated upcoming funding opportunities supporting out-of-school time programming, as well as about ways to better align program requirements and quality initiatives. The survey was disseminated via email to nearly 1,700 individuals, as well as through other OST networks.

The summary includes results from select questions, particularly those relevant to professional development needs.
Submission Instructions:
  1. Email one (1) complete set of all required documents, in their original Word or Excel formats (i.e., not converted to a PDF), and email one scanned version of both Part I documents (school year and summer), to (Must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the date due.)


  2. Mail two (2) sets of all required documents, at least one of which is single-sided, clearly marked "ORIGINAL," and includes all original signatures. Sets should be collated in the order listed in the Required Forms section above and secured with one clip for the entire set. Please do not staple. (Must be postmarked (or be hand-delivered to the Department) no later than the date due.)

    Note: When printing Part II, please print each applicable budget/budget narrative (School Year and/or Summer) on 4 pages using Portrait orientation. In Page Set Up — print 2 pages wide by 2 pages tall.

    Mail to:

    Donna Pisaturo, Office of Student and Family Support
    Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    75 Pleasant Street
    Malden, MA 02148-4906

Last Updated: July 29, 2016
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