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Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2017

Fund Code: 722
School Nutrition Equipment Assistance Grant for High Need Districts

Funds Allocated:$440,041 (Federal)
Funds Requested:$1,283,665
The purpose of the School Nutrition Equipment Assistance Grant for High Need Districts is to encourage eligible schools to increase their capacity to serve healthier meals that meet the 2016-2017 USDA meal pattern as part of participating in the National School Lunch Program.

Grants are recommended to school districts for specific schools. The school districts must have participated in the National School Lunch Program during the 2015-2016 school year and be in good standing with the Child Nutrition Program reporting requirements, including being in compliance with the new meal pattern regulations.

Priority was given to schools that have 50 percent or more students eligible for free and reduced- priced meals and did not receive a School Nutrition Equipment Assistance for High Need Districts grant in 2010 (ARRA), 2011 (USDA), or FY14, FY15, FY16 (USDA).

The Office for Nutrition, Health, and Safety Programs received thirty-seven grant proposals (representing 81 schools); a total of thirty grants for $439,644 are recommended.
Number of Proposals Received:37
Number of Proposals Recommended:30
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:Schools and districts that we not funded scored lower than those that were funded, most commonly because the school had received a prior School Nutrition Equipment Assistance for High Need Districts grant in 2010 (ARRA), 2011 (USDA), or FY14, FY15, FY16 (USDA) or requested funds for items deemed ineligible by the USDA.
Result of Funding:
Thirty school districts with eighty-one schools have been awarded grants ranging in amounts from $5,113 to $20,000.

In general, the funds may be used for purchasing equipment for the implementation of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) in (and only in) the specific school requesting the grant. Examples include equipment for heating, cooking, holding, serving, and refrigeration of foods used in the NSLP. The grant funds can be used for installation and delivery costs of the equipment purchased. If the equipment purchased for the school is ever sold, the proceeds must be returned to the School's Nutrition Program Account. All equipment purchased with these grant funds must be tagged with a label identifying it as being purchased with FY17 USDA School Nutrition Assistance Grant Funds.

The goal of the competitive grant is to enhance and improve the school breakfast and national school lunch programs so that all students will receive the nutrition they need to achieve in school. Equipment such as a refrigerator or freezer increases the capacity of schools to store and offer a wider variety of fruits and vegetables from which the students can choose. Investing in cooking equipment such as tilt skillets, steamers, and convection ovens enhances the quality, safety, and appeal of meals offered to students by improving cooking methods, such as batch cooking closer to when the meal is served. The equipment also helps the school meet the USDA meal pattern requirements.

Schools with fewer hungry students benefit from students that are more engaged in learning; visit the school nurse less for hunger pains; and have improved attendance. Reducing these barriers to learning and increasing the overall health of students supports the effectiveness of the school.

Adams Cheshire Reg. SD$14,391
Atlantis Charter School5,786
Boston Public Schools31,080
Brockton Public Schools52,758
Chicopee Public Schools7,099
Clinton Public Schools20,000
Cutchins Program for Children and Families5,062
Gil-Montague Reg. SD19,058
Hillcrest Educational Centers12,379
Holyoke Community Charter School7,260
Lawrence Catholic Academy14,495
Leominster Public Schools7,107
Lowell Community Charter6,083
Malden Public Schools5,784
McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys8,115
Medford Public School20,812
Monson Public Schools14,524
North Brookfield Public Schools20,000
Norwood Public Schools7,075
Quincy Public Schools16,970
Randolph Public Schools20,394
Salem Public Schools9,960
Seem Collaborative5,992
Somerville Public Schools20,000
Springfield Public Schools47,312
Stevens-Children's Home7,165
The Home for Little Wanderers14,549
Watertown Public Schools6,633
Westfield Public Schools5,789
Whittier Reg. Vo-Tech HS6,409
Total Federal Funds$440,041

Last Updated: November 29, 2016
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