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Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2012

Fund Code: 619
Collaborative Partnerships for Student Success (School Year)

Funds Allocated: $209,510 State
Funds Requested: $439,609
Purpose: The purpose of this grant program is the development of Collaborative Partnerships for Student Success (CPSS) to supplement existing school district resources. Each community's CPSS is created and implemented by the school(s)/district and community partners with student/family involvement. Elements of a CPSS include:
  1. Assisting students with the transition into the early high school years and serving as a part of a comprehensive intervention process to help students meet and exceed the Competency Determination (CD) standards in the spring of their 10th grade year;
  2. Increasing student (and family) awareness on the purposefulness of their high school experience in relation to future opportunities through the development of preliminary career and college plans;
  3. Increasing school district's and community partners' ability to provide school year and summer academic support in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, and/or science and technology/engineering to students eligible for these services; and
  4. Developing a CPSS product (or more than one) to increase college and career readiness, which may or may not include enhancement of a previous year's CPSS product; and/or utilize the Behavioral Health and Public Schools Assessment Tool.
Funding priority was given to districts and community partnerships that had supporting data showing high percentages of students who have not yet met the Competency Determination required for high school graduation and that demonstrated that their program will help to close achievement gaps where they currently exist.
Number of Proposals Received: 38
Number of Proposals Recommended: 19
Number of Proposals Not Recommended: 19
Result of Funding: This funding will enable districts and their partners to provide small group instruction that addresses identified gaps in students' acquisition of knowledge and skills in English language arts, mathematics, and/or science and technology/engineering in order to help students pass their 10th grade MCAS tests. These grants will help prepare students in the Class of 2016 for the transition from middle to high school, as well as support students in the Classes of 2014 and 2015 during their early years of high school. Programs will offer engaging and creative activities and strategies that help students to succeed throughout high school and become ready for higher education and careers. Also, planning and preparation for the summer component of this grant (Fund Code: 592) will be supported with these funds. Summer services will be supported through Fund Code: 592. These spring and summer programs will serve more than 1,000 students. Grant awards range from $1,900 to $29,910.
Everett Public Schools $24,443
Fall River Public Schools25,000
Fitchburg Public Schools4,300
Framingham Public Schools2,800
Greater Lowell Technical School (Tyngsborough)6,500
Holyoke Public Schools11,966
Lowell Public Schools29,910
Malden Public Schools6,940
Newton Public Schools2,700
North Adams Public Schools5,000
Northbridge Public Schools3,100
Quincy Public Schools4,500
Randolph Public Schools4,700
Salem Public Schools6,380
Somerville Public Schools23,000
Tewksbury Public Schools13,300
Upper Cape Cod Regional Vocational School (Bourne)7,295
Wareham Public Schools1,900
Westport Public Schools7,700
Worcester Public Schools24,456
Total State Funds$215,890

Last Updated: May 11, 2012
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