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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2013

Expanded Learning Time (ELT)
Fund Code: 225A

Purpose: This state-funded grant program provides financial assistance to support schools to expand and restructure their school day and/or year. Schools must add 300 additional hours for all students in FY2013 in order to provide additional time for English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, other core subjects, more common planning time and professional development for teachers, and to integrate more enrichment opportunities (arts, sports, experiential learning) into student learning.
Priorities: Priority will be given to proposals that:
  1. Use the 300 additional hours to expand the school calendar year.
  2. Are submitted by districts with high poverty rates or a high percentage of students scoring at levels 1 and 2 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).
  3. Have the greatest potential for district-wide impact.
  4. Establish partnerships with community-based organizations and institutions of higher education.
  5. Comprehensively restructure the day/year to maximize the additional learning time.
  6. Anticipate at least 80% of teaching staff will fully opt-in with regard to participation in the proposed Expanded Learning Time (ELT) redesign.
In order to spur innovation in the area of ELT, ESE is seeking proposals that address one or more of the following priority areas:
  1. Cost -effective models that add 300 hours of learning time for all students at a cost below $1,300 per pupil.
  2. Expanded Year: Expanding time effectively by adding days to the school year.
  3. Blended Learning/Hybrid Learning: Expanding time effectively with the help of adaptive technology.
Eligibility: Massachusetts public schools are eligible to apply for funding. These funds may be used to support an Expanded Learning Time (ELT) design that is aligned with ELT Expectations for Implementation (Appendix B).
Funding: Approximately $1,000,000 is available, subject to the final FY2013 state budget appropriation. Funding for districts is based on student enrollment at each ELT school at $1,300 per pupil. This is based on an average of the October and March SIMS data submitted by the school.
Fund Use: Salaries, stipends, contracts, instructional materials, and other expenses associated with operating expanded school schedules.
Project Duration: Upon Approval - 8/31/2013
Program Unit: Office of Charter Schools, Innovation, and Redesign
Contact: Moira Connolly email address:
Phone Number: (781) 338- 3216
Informational Webinars hosted in collaboration with Mass2020: Monday, March 19th, 2012 and Tuesday, March 20th, 2012. Interested applicants should contact Moira Connolly for information.
Date Due for Required email of Intent to Apply: Friday, March 30, 2012
Districts interested in applying for this grant program on behalf of one or more of their schools must send an email to indicating their intent to apply. This email is non-binding. Please include the name of the district, the name(s) of the school(s) interested in ELT by 5:00 p.m. on the date above.
Please put "FY2013 ELT Intent to Apply" as the subject of your email.
Date Due: Friday, May 18, 2012.
Please Note: Proposals must be received at the Department by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.
Questions: Due to the competitive nature of this RFP, all questions must be submitted in writing only (no phone calls). All questions should be submitted in writing to Moira Connolly at by April 12, 2012. This will ensure a clear and competitive process.

All questions and responses will be posted by April 19, 2012 at MA Expanded Learning Time (ELT) webpage.
Required Forms:
  1. Download PDF document Download MS WORD document  Part I - General - Program Unit Signature Page - (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
  2. Download MS EXCEL file  Part II - Budget Detail (Please include one budget for the district, and additional budget details for each school applying for ELT.)
  3. Download PDF document Download MS WORD Document  Part III - Required Program Information
  4. Download PDF document Download MS WORD document  ELT Grant Assurances Document
  5. Download MS EXCEL file  ELT Total Annual Hours Worksheet
  6. Download PDF document Download MS WORD document  Data Profile(s) for each school
Additional Information to be Provided by Applicants:
  1. Current School Improvement Plan(s) for each selected school (if applicable)
  2. (a) Letters of support for implementation from school committee, (b) all collective bargaining units that may be involved in the implementation, and (c) any external partners (community-based organizations, higher education institutions, etc.)
Additional Information: Download PDF document Download MS WORD document  Appendix A: Timeline for FY2013
Download PDF document Download MS WORD document  Appendix B: ELT Expectations for Implementation
Appendix C: Q and A Document (to be posted after April 13, 2012)
Submission Instructions: Submit 2 sets, each with an original signature of the Superintendent/Executive Director. Mail to:

Moira Connolly
Office of Charter Schools, Innovation, and Redesign
Massachusetts Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-4906

Last Updated: March 15, 2012
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