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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2013

Early Childhood Special Education Program Improvement
Fund Code: 298

Purpose: The purpose of this federal grant program is to support school district activities to ensure that eligible children with disabilities, ages 3-5, receive a free and appropriate public education that includes special education and related services designed to meet their individual needs and is provided in natural/least restrictive environments.
Priorities: The priorities of this grant align with the following Department-wide goals:
  • Strengthening curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Improving educator effectiveness
  • Using data and technology to support student performance
The following priority areas, aligned with the above referenced goals, have been identified by the Department as integral to school districts' efforts to strengthen and improve early childhood special education practices. Successful grant proposals will be focused on one or more of following activities to improve school district processes and support performance of children with IEPs in early childhood settings:
  1. Policies, practices, and procedures to support systemic use of data analysis and progress monitoring to support instruction and continuous improvement to improve outcomes in the following areas:
    • Social/Emotional Skills and Social Relationships
    • Acquiring and Using Knowledge and Skills
    • Taking Appropriate Action to Meet Needs
  2. Targeted training and technical assistance for staff as they relate to effective program planning for early childhood special education
  3. Systematic practices to promote family engagement in early childhood special education, with specific attention to support cultural and linguistic diversity
  4. Systematic support for collaboration among early childhood special education professionals across all domains to develop IEPs based on assessments and effective practices (collaborative teaming, progress monitoring, effective interventions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate)
  5. Improvement of data collection processes and supports for improved data quality in order to analyze district, school, and classroom trends
Eligibility: See attached list Download Excel Document Individual District Allocation Amounts. Please note districts with no students ages 3-5 receiving special education services are not eligible for this grant.
Funding: The total amount to be awarded is $985,824.
Fund Use: The following are allowable costs
  • Stipends
  • MTRS/Fringe (related to stipends only)
  • Tuition costs for college/university courses
  • Conference registration costs
  • Supplies, materials, and books specifically for program improvement for children with IEPs, ages 3 - 5
  • Printing and reproduction of training materials
  • Consultant fees
  • Substitutes
  • In-state travel
  • Computer hardware or software, including site licenses
The following are not allowable costs.
  • Food and refreshments
  • Indirect costs
  • Staff salaries
  • Out-of-state travel
Project Duration: Upon approval - 6 /30/2013
Program Unit: Special Education Planning and Policy
Contact: Sarah Whitman
Phone Number: (781) 338-3364
Date Due: Friday, April 12, 2013
Proposals must be received at the Department by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.
Required Forms:
  1.  Download Excel Document  Budget Workbook (which includes the Part I Standard Contract and Application for Program Grants [signature required] and Part II Budget Detail Pages)
  2. Download PDF Document Download Word Document  Part III - Required Program Information
Additional Information:
  1. Download PDF Document Download Word Document  Budget Workbook Instructions
Submission Instructions: The Special Education grant program application (Budget Workbook - EXCEL) will be submitted electronically to the Department by the school district staff person appointed by the Superintendent.

Submit two (2) copies of the Part I - General - Program Unit Signature Page - (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants) with an original signature of the Superintendent/Executive Director.

Mail to:

Sarah Whitman
Special Education Planning and Policy
Massachusetts Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-4906

Last Updated: March 19, 2013
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