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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2013

Perkins Leadership Academy One 2012-2013
Fund Code: 410-A

Purpose: The mission of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) is to strengthen the Commonwealth's public education system so that every student is prepared to succeed in postsecondary education, compete in the global economy, and understand the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, and in so doing, to close all proficiency gaps. The state's grant programs serve to strengthen school and district capacity by supporting implementation of ESE's District Standards and Indicators and the state's high priority strategies for increasing student performance.

The five key priorities that ESE has identified for increasing student performance statewide include: preparing students for college and career; strengthening curriculum and instruction; strengthening educator effectiveness; supporting data use to improve policy decisions and student achievement; and turning around our lowest performing schools. The Perkins grant program is intended to support all five (where applicable) by continuously improving career/vocational technical education in Massachusetts.

Applicants for this grant opportunity should be deliberate and intentional in the use of grant funds to support ESE's standards and priorities. In particular, the Perkins grant program may support implementation of the following standards: Curriculum and Instruction, Assessment, Professional Development, and Student Support.

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 P.L. 109-270 (Perkins IV) requires comprehensive professional development programs for educators in career/vocational technical education. ESE seeks to continue its funding of the partnership established between school districts with Chapter 74-approved vocational technical education programs and the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators to provide high-quality, intensive, and focused professional development for aspiring leaders in career/vocational technical education Perkins Leadership Academy One.

The goals of Perkins Leadership Academy One 2012-2013 are to:
  • enhance career/vocational technical education for students including those in special populations;
  • create a network of educators in career/vocational technical education in order to share resources and provide mentoring and support within the network throughout their careers;
prepare educators for initial vocational technical administrator licensure and leadership positions in career/vocational technical education.
  1. Provide (for each individual selected for participation) an administrative apprenticeship/internship (300 hours) in the vocational technical superintendent/assistant superintendent role, or the vocational technical principal/assistant principal role, or the vocational technical supervisor/director role with an appropriately licensed and qualified trained mentor based on the Professional Standards for Administrators contained in the Regulations for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program Approval 603 CMR 7.00 and the Professional Standards for Vocational Technical Administrators contained in the Vocational Technical Education Regulations 603 CMR 4.00.
  2. Provide high quality, intensive, and focused seminars in conjunction with the administrative apprenticeship/internship in order to reinforce the knowledge and skills to be acquired during the administrative apprenticeship/internship.
  3. Provide for the development of a leadership portfolio by each participant.
  4. Provide for the documentation of Perkins Leadership Academy One 2012-2013 outcomes.
The successful bidder will consult with the Massachusetts Vocational Association's Executive Board to plan and conduct a minimum of two (2) activities during the Massachusetts Vocational Association conferences.
Eligibility: The partnership that was funded for 2011-2012 is eligible to respond to this RFP. The school district that served as the lead agency in 2011-2012 in the partnership will serve as the lead agency for 2012-2013.
Funding: One grant will be awarded to the partnership at a maximum of $20,000. The grant may be renewable for additional fiscal years based upon performance and availability of funds. Perkins IV is the funding source.
Fund Use: Funds must be used in accordance with Perkins IV and may be used to provide salaries and benefits for a coordinator, support staff, consultants/lecturers, travel, supplies, computer resources, printing, and facility rental. Funds may not be used to supplant local or state funds or to pay for lodging. Funds shall supplement, and shall not supplant, non-Federal funds.
Project Duration: Upon Approval - 8/31/2013
Program Unit: Office for Career/Vocational Technical Education
Contact: Margie Roberts
Phone Number: (781) 338-3951
Date Due: A rolling submission period has been established for submission of the Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants. In order to be reasonably assured that funds will be available by the beginning of the college/school year, the Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants should be submitted by November 16, 2012.
Required Forms:
  1. Download PDF Document Download Word Document  Part I - General - Program Unit Signature Page - (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
  2.  Download Excel Document  Part II Budget Detail Pages (Include both pages.) - Instructions
  3. Download PDF Document Download Word Document  Part III - Required Program Information
Additional Information:
  1. View HTML Page  Budget Detail - Description of Line Item Information
  2. View External Link  Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)
  3. View HTML Page  Grants for Schools: Getting Them and Using Them, A Procedural Manual
  4. Download PDF Document  Download Word Document  Massachusetts Perkins IV Manual
  5. View External Link  OMB Circular A - 87
  6. View HTML Page  Perkins IV
Standard Contract Forms and Applications for Program Grants can legally claim expenses to the grant only from the date of final Department approval.
Submission Instructions: Submit three (3) sets of the Required Forms. Part I must bear an original signature of the Superintendent of the district that will serve as the lead agency.

Mail to:

Margie Roberts
Office for Career/Vocational Technical Education
Massachusetts Department of
Elementary & Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-4906

Last Updated: November 8, 2012
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