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High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing Program

HiSET™ Q & A

Questions and Answers on the High School Equivalency Assessment: HiSET

Each time this document is updated, answers to questions will be noted in red font.

I am a referral specialist at a clinic and one of our most requested referrals is to GED practice/courses and testing. I have read that the GED© is being phased out and that the HiSET is being phased in, but I wanted to make sure I was giving the right information to my clients. Do you have any printed FAQs or other info I can share with my organization?
Most of the programs that were teaching GED© preparation through December 31, 2013, are still offering classes to help students interested in attaining their High School Equivalency. Thus, a person looking for a program should continue to use the Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline or call 1-800-447-8844. Once we know which testing centers will be open and functional and when registration will start, information will be available both on the Hotline website and on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's (ESE's) High School Equivalency webpage.
Can students sign up for a user name with HiSET™ at any time or do they have to wait until they are ready to sign up for a test date? Also, does it cost to get a user name and get into the HiSET™ website?
Individuals can sign up at any time for a HiSET™ account that includes a user name and password; there is no cost to set up an account. Setting up a HiSET™ account is the first step in the test registration process. Individuals will be able to sign up for tests once the MA testing centers are open and fully functional which we anticipate to be in March.
When will this High School equivalency exam be offered in Massachusetts (dates and locations)?
Individuals will be able to sign up for tests once the MA testing centers are open and fully functional which we anticipate to be in March.
I'm a 17 yr old resident of Boston and due to unfortunate circumstances I had to drop out of high school. I would like the chance to enroll into community college next year however I'm aware that instead of a GED© Massachusetts has now implemented the HiSET. Are there any free testing prep programs available yet I would love the opportunity to prepare myself for the exam.
Yes, there are many ABE programs in Massachusetts that offer high school equivalency preparation classes. Visit the Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline for a list of programs across the state. For a list of ESE-funded adult education programs in Massachusetts, see Massachusetts Adult Basic Education Directory.
As a company in MA, we require candidates to have a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for employment. We are requesting a candidate to complete a GED© or HiSET™ assessment; however, I do not know when she will be able to do so. Can you please tell me when the program will be available in MA, and how this candidate may sign up for any preparation courses in the Springfield, MA area?
Individuals will be able to sign up for tests once the MA testing centers are open and fully functional which we anticipate to be in March. For a list of high school equivalency preparation classes, visit Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline.
When will information be available in Massachusetts? Can I get info sent to me when available?
Information will be available at High School Equivalency webpage and The HiSET Exam (For Test Takers) by March.
Will Massachusetts accept past GED© batteries toward a High School Equivalency? Maine accepts completed GED© batteries for one year, uses HiSET for needed batteries; and combines them to provide a High School Equivalency Certificate. New Hampshire requires student to start all over.
No, Massachusetts will not be combining or accepting previous GED© scores with the new HiSET™ test scores.
ETS website does not have MA information listed on their site. I am looking for information regarding the price, location and preparation tools.
Massachusetts testing information, including information on price and location will be available on the ETS website and on the ESE website High School Equivalency webpage in March. In the meantime, general test information including sample test questions and a free practice test can be found on the HiSET™ website.

Last Updated: February 19, 2014
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