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Information Services - Data Collection

ID Maintenance Tutorial Video Transcripts

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Title: Transmitting a MEPID Assignment File

This tutorial begins at the EPIMS homepage. It assumes that you have logged on to the Security Portal and selected EPIMS. (Scrolls the length of the page.)

(Pointer points to referenced items.) In EPIMS, your username appears in the upper left and your school district in the center. On the right are links back to the security portal and to log out of the application.

Your school district also appears in the organization dropdown list in the navigation bar at left. If you are logging on from a regional school district, you may have more than one organization available in this dropdown list.

The left navigation bar contains three main sections: ID Maintenance, Data Collections, and Reports. To get started assigning MEPIDs, click on the ID Maintenance link in the left navigation bar. (Click on link.) The submenus of ID Maintenance will appear in the navigation bar and on the ID Maintenance homepage in the main window.

This lesson will demonstrate assigning a group of MEPIDs. Click on this option.

In the main window, the page header has changed to show that you are now at the "Assign MEPIDs to a Group of Individuals" page, which is a sub-page of ID Maintenance. (Pointer points to page title and link back to ID Maintenance homepage above.) Below the header is some instructional text.

It is assumed at this stage, that your MEPID assignment file has been completed and is stored on your computer or on a server accessible from your computer.

If your MEPID assignment file is ready, follow the instructions and "Use the 'Browse' button to locate the file you wish to transmit on your computer's hard drive. Then use the 'Transmit & Assign' button to begin transmission." (Video browses to a folder called EPIMS Collection and chooses a file called WeymouthsMEPID.txt.)

Errors in the formatting of the records will return the processing page with a file upload error list below the processing update. If there is no "File Upload Error List," all the records are being processed by EPIMS. If, as is the case here, a "File Upload Error List" has appeared, these records are not being processed by the system and the errors in them need to be corrected before MEPIDs can be assigned to these individuals. (Error text explaining the "File Upload Error List" appears in red below boxed text explaining, "The file is being processed and checked for errors.")

It is important to note that this page cannot be retrieved once you have clicked away from it. You must take note of these records either by printing this page or downloading them using the "download" button at the bottom of the list. (File is downloaded and saved in a folder called Results. We see that the system has given the file the name mba_file_upload_error.txt. File is then opened.)

Upload Errors occur when a record contains the incorrect number of fields or commas. When you download the file, you will notice that the system adjusts the number of commas by adding them to, or deleting them from, the end of a record, even if the error occurs in the middle of the record.

Once you have downloaded the records from this list, you can leave this page using the links in the left nav bar or exit the application completely. You can then begin to correct the records with upload errors while you await the processing results of your transmitted file.

To learn about viewing and working with the results of the file you just transmitted, please watch the remaining ID Maintenance tutorial videos.

Last Updated: May 9, 2007
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