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ID Maintenance Tutorial Video Transcripts

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Title: Viewing the Results of Your MEPID Assignment File: MEPIDs Assigned and Records that Contain Errors

(An email is open on the screen. The email reads, "Your group MEPID assignment is complete. The file has been checked for errors and the results are posted. To access these results, please log in to the EPIMS application, go to ID Maintenance > Assign MEPIDs to a Group of Individuals, and select the file you wish to view.")

You have transmitted a file of records for MEPID assignment and an email has arrived in your inbox to let you know that the results are available.

(Pointer closes email to view homepage of EPIMS.)

When you receive the email that the file has been processed, return to the application and go to the Reports section in the left navigation bar and click on the ID Maintenance Report.

All the files that you transmit for assigning MEPIDs will be accessible from the "Transmitted File History" box, which appears here and on the "Assign a Group of MEPIDs" page as well.

(Pause in voice-over while pointer views the "Transmitted File History" box in the Reports section and then returns to ID Maintenance > Assign a Group of MEPIDs to view the identical "Transmitted File History" box there.)

Along with the name of your transmitted file, you will see the date it was transmitted and your user name. Every transmission receives a transmission number. If you were to transmit two files with the same name on the same day, the transmission number would enable you to distinguish between the two.

Use the radio button to select the file you wish to view-in this case, it is the only file available-and click to go to the details. (Pointer follows instructions and clicks "Go" button.) The next page includes the file name, instructional text, and the transmission results in one or more tabbed boxes.

The file transmitted produced all three possible results for a MEPID assignment file. Some records had MEPIDs assigned to them (scroll the length of the page to view all the results); other records matched too closely the characteristics of individuals for whom MEPIDs already exist; still other records contained errors. For records where MEPIDs already exist and errors occurred, MEPIDs were not assigned to these individuals.

For the individuals whose MEPIDs were assigned, the MEPIDs are displayed on the screen and can be downloaded to input back into your local system. (Pointer clicks on the "download" button and saves the MEPID assigned file to the Results folder. File name is mba_success_301.txt. The number 301 is the transaction number.) When you download the file, the MEPID appears at the beginning of each record just as it did on the screen.

Return to EPIMS.

For the time being, we will skip over the "MEPIDs Already Exist" results and look at the records that contained errors.

In the "Records Contain Errors" box, you will see the first name, last name, and date of birth of the individual, followed by a bulleted list of the errors that occurred in the record. (Pointer clicks on the "download" button and saves the error file to the Results folder. File name is mba_error_301.txt. The number 301 is the transaction number.) In the downloaded file, the error information follows a comma at the end of each record. Multiple errors are separated by semicolons and the entire string is enclosed in quotation marks.

If the error description provided is not easily understood, refer to the EPIMS Data Handbook to review the requirements for each data element.

Once you have corrected the errors in these records, re-transmit a file containing just these records.

To learn about the results where "MEPIDs Already Exist," please watch the remaining ID Maintenance tutorial videos.

Last Updated: May 9, 2007
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