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ID Maintenance Tutorial Video Transcripts

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Title: Viewing the Results of Your MEPID Assignment File: MEPIDs Already Exist and Conflict Cases

(Video begins at the file results page for WeymouthsMEPID.txt.)

In video 2, we described how to view the results of a recently transmitted MEPID assignment file. We covered MEPIDs that were successfully assigned and MEPIDs that could not be assigned due to errors in the records. Now we will look at records that resulted in "MEPIDs Already Exist."

(Scrolls down to the "MEPIDs Already Exist" box.)

For the individuals whose data produced conflicts with other individuals, the specific conflicts are provided. The system returns a conflict if any three of the five identifying characteristics of first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, and gender are identical. It will also return a conflict if the license number is not unique. If all of these matches caused conflict, it is more than likely the same person was either entered by another district, or accidentally by yourself in another file.

If you cannot determine the source of the conflict by a duplicated entry, create a conflict case. Use the check boxes to create a conflict case for multiple individuals at a time, or use the "select all" link at the bottom of the box to check all the individuals at once. Don't forget to click "continue" once the boxes are checked. The next page will provide case numbers for each record.

You can check the status of your conflict cases by using the "Review Conflicts" link in the left navigation bar. (Pointer moves to left navigation bar and selects link.) Someone at the DESE will resolve your conflict cases within the week. When it has been resolved, the resolution will be evident here (on the Review Conflicts page).

When you return to the results of your transmitted file, the "MEPIDs Already Exist" box is no longer available because you have dealt with these records by creating conflict cases for them. (Pointer selects "Assign MEPIDs to a Group" link and selects the radio button for the WeymouthsMEPID.txt file. Scrolls down to where the "MEPIDs Already Exist" box was, and it is no longer there.)

If you have more questions about other aspects of ID Maintenance, try reviewing the other ID Maintenance tutorials or contact the DESE for assistance.

Last Updated: May 9, 2007
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