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SIF Data Collection 101 Webinar FAQ

I will never be able to get the data I need by 10/1 - collecting correct LEP info, sped data, frl, title 1 - is not ready by 10/1
The ultimate goal is to be ready to freeze and submit your data on report date. However, we realize this is not realistic in many cases. You still have until the certification deadline to finish your SIMS data submission.
Do you know when DESE will be determining what to do with summer withdrawals?
Summer exits are captured via SIF if the student has an exit date prior to or on the first day of school.
What if your data in the SIS is not matching up to what DESE is saying?
It could be a timing issue. Make sure you wait at least 15 minutes for a quick validation error to clear, and at least an hour for a full validation error to clear. If the data in your SIS is still not matching up to what DESE's systems say, contact your vendor to confirm that the changes you made have been sent to ESE.
So every hour data from my SIS is pulled?
Every hour, there is a full validation run on districts whose data has changed.
What is the difference between quick validate and full validate?
In most cases, quick validate errors are errors on the individual record level, while full validate errors are errors on a more comprehensive school/district level.
Our district had several issues with student claiming between our SIS and ESE, our SIS was transmitting the data, but the DESE was not receiving it.
You should be able to get a transmission log from your SIS vendor to confirm that your data is being sent and received by ESE.
Can you send the triggers to make these changes happen - I know some fields trigger full and others quick validation changes.
Any changes to an element that is relevant to a particular error will trigger a validation.
If a change is detected, do all student records get pulled or just the changed ones?
Just the changed records.
Do attendance updates still need to be initiated by the state or are those updates now running automatically?
The attendance pulls are done nightly. It is an automatic process.
What do you do about 3030 full validate errors - sasid missing from last period?
There are several reasons behind the missing SASID error. DESE has communicated the issues to the SIS vendors, and sent an email to the SIMS data contacts in each district that has these errors. The email is from ESEdatacollect, and it outlines the issues behind your district's missing SASID errors.
Can we unfreeze our data?
Yes, prior to certifying, you can unfreeze your data at any time.
Do you have to wait for your data to be error free prior to freezing it?
Your data must be error free in order to freeze.
If we freeze at a date later than Oct 1, our reports will reflect data at the freeze date?
Yes, your data will be reflected as it is on freeze date. But enrollment and exit dates are taken into account, so summary reports will reflect the enrollment status of the students as of October 1.
Will my Superintendent be able to access this certify button or do I need to do the certify after all reports are reviewed?
Your superintendent would have access to the certify button.
Can we work on SIMS and SCS at the same time or do we have to wait for SIMS data to be certified?
You can work on them at the same time. In order to cross validate, your SIMS data must be certified.
Is the Military Status being collected in Oct 1 collection?
Yes, military status is collected in all SIMS collections.
For people who work year round, what is the start date of the year for them?
July 1.
When are foundation reports available? I am not getting them in my summary reports.
Foundation reports 1 & 2 are available at any time you request SIMS summary reports. Foundation report 3 is not available until all districts certify their SIMS data.
Is there a way to delete a student from what you have at ESE? We have a few students that we had to change to "DO not report" but they were already sent to ESE. A delete event in Aspen has not worked so far.
You should ask your vendor how to send a delete event. The Aspen delete events have worked, but there was a timing delay in the event getting to ESE.
So we have to make school users district users for them to see school level reports?
That's correct.
If students in grade 6 were reported as enrolled in a self-contained classroom with one educator teaching all subjects, are we now required to create a separate math and ELA course and roster these students into it even though it is the same teacher?
That's correct. The validation is looking for separate Math and ELA courses for general education students in grades 6 through 10.
What happens if you certify SIMS data on one day and SCS on another day will there be errors if students entered after the freeze date of SIMS info?
No, you should not have errors for this, because SIF takes into account the enrollment date of each student. So if a student enters after the report date of October 1, their enrollment is not captured in your SIMS data for this reporting period.
If a student changes a course/class midterm, should he be dropped from the class roster?
The student should be withdrawn from that course and enrolled in the new course.
If we have to change a student name - Birth certificate or data entry error - do we still need to contact our rep or can we do this ourselves?
If the change needs to be made on the DESE side, contact your support specialist.
Is claiming working through SIF?
Yes claiming is working through SIF. Your current school year enrollments should flow to Edwin via SIF. Refer to the student claiming instructions on the Edwin Analytics homepage for instructions on where SIF districts go to view claimed students.
What if we're not receiving emails from you? Is this something that's set up in Directory Admin in portal?
The emails from Data Collection are based off of the SIMS contact and EPIMS contact functions in Directory Administration. Contact your district directory administrator to request that one or both of these functions be added to your profile.
If we are short on the number of students can we request a pull?
If you are missing some students, review your summary reports to try and find where the missing students are coming from. It could be that some of the enrollment totals are low for a particular grade or school. Make sure you don't have 'do not report' checked off in your SIS. Once you narrow down the problem, contact your vendor and your data collection support specialist to see if a re-pull is appropriate.
Can we continue to update data like low income status following October 1 or must we wait to update until all SIMS is complete and certified?
You can continue to update that data where necessary. But your submitted SIF data will reflect those changes if you freeze and submit your data after the October 1 report date.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014
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