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SIF Weekly Update - May 2, 2013

Dear SIF District,

The State SIF Program 2013 has been moving forward and gaining momentum. We are pleased to announce that SchoolBrains, IMG and MMS are beginning the final phase of the State SIF Vendor Certification with the on-boarding of their first districts including Foxborough Regional Charter School, Ashland Public Schools, and Westport Public Schools respectively. The districts that were able to certify last October and the districts that have been placed on-hold for the above vendors will be prioritized next for the on-boarding process. The remaining districts for these vendors will be able to reserve a SIF on-boarding date via a SIF reservation system that will be available on the ESE website.

Follett/X2, Rediker, Pearson, SunGard, and Infinite Campus have not yet begun the State SIF Agent Vendor Certification Process. The timeline for their districts on-boarding depends entirely on when they complete the certification testing and their first district is placed into our production environment. The State is following the same SIF on-boarding process and scheduling as I previously described for SchoolBrains, IMG and MMS.

Therefore, assuming your vendor certifies by May 30th and their first dress rehearsal district who certified last October is on-boarded by June 15th, their remaining districts will be either previously prioritized or able to schedule a SIF on-boarding date via our ESE SIF reservation system.

The ESE SIF District process is comprised of two phases: Pre-On-Boarding and On-Boarding.

  • The pre-on-boarding phase is designed to ensure high data quality and a successful district on-boarding effort. This process includes:
    • Brief kick off meeting (including training)
      • Provides an overview of the pre-on-boarding and on-boarding processes
      • Provides a detailed review of the "data cleansing" process and supporting documentation
        • SIF Guide: SIS-specific documentation that provides guidance on the "data cleansing" process, best practices, and connectivity information
        • Validations Checklist: Guidance on the SIF data format requirements to support "data cleansing" (supplements the SIF Guide)
      • Requires participation from district SIF representatives, all data entry personnel, information technology personnel, and anyone else who is responsible for SIF data reporting
    • The scope of "data cleansing" includes a detailed review of every record in your SIS and ensuring it complies with SIF requirements
      • Districts that participated in the 2012 SIF Implementation completed this process last year and will be given one week to revisit their data and confirm SIF compliance
      • Districts who did not participate in the 2012 SIF Implementation will be given two weeks to review all SIS records and update to comply with SIF requirements
      • The SIF Guide, Validations Checklist, District Support Specialists, and the District On-Boarding Team will be available to support you during this entire process
  • The on-boarding phase is a one week effort and commences immediately after pre-on-boarding has been successfully completed. This process includes:
    • Connecting your district to the state SIF UAT test environment
    • Sending all SIF data to the state for quality assurance testing
    • Connecting your district to the State SIF Production environment upon successful UAT testing

This is a lot of information so please feel free to contact me or your Data Collection Support Specialist if you have concerns or questions.


Maryann Donie
Supervisor of Data Collection
Education Data Services
MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Last Updated: April 25, 2014
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